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The Creators ExhibitionTop 30 rank week 1
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Behind The Lens

The photograph was taken in an apartment block adjacent to Toronto Airport. My wife, and my daughter and her husband and her baby daughter, were visiting my elderly aunt who lives in Canada, but has very little family over there. We arrived late in the evening and had a planned two days stay in Toronto before driving down to meet my Aunty. The photograph was taken whilst we were sitting in the foyer awaitingfor the air b'n'b apartment owner to arrive with the keys.
We were waiting in the foyer of the apartment building from about 22:45 hours; my granddaughter was tired and a little irrritable so I got my camera out and starting playing a little game taking photographs. I looked around and saw the shot, so went for it ! It was taken at 22:58 hours.
The shot was taken using ambient light with no modifiers.
The camera was my trusty Nikon D810 with the fabulous Nikon 24-70 f2.9 lens attached. Handheld.
I just loved the composition and the way the lights were leading the way down the corridor, it was a high ceiling so the large chandeliers were appropriate for the space and gave out beautiful soft light, just right for that time of night !
Yes, I changed the white balance, making it 'colder' to bring out the blue hues.
In my camera bag
Depends what I am shooting. For portraits and studio work the D810 with a 24-70 f2.8 , a 50mm Art f1.4, and a 200-800 f2.8. 2 x AD200 Wistro lights and modifiers. For sports, wildlife and aviation, a D6 and a D3s backup camera. Nikon 200-500 and / or Sigman 150-600 Contemporary. Tripod, remote release, filters as required.
Don't be frightened to experiment. You may well make some mistakes, maybe even get some 'howlers' of shots, but the beauty with digital photography is that you can make these mistakes and it costs you a bit of time, that's all! Play with the settings, including the white balance. And most importantly, have fun !

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