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Lady's Night

My Lifestyle photography work featuring ladies at Lavo bar on the ladies night chilling out for a drink and this was a candid shot of them while one of the ladi...
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My Lifestyle photography work featuring ladies at Lavo bar on the ladies night chilling out for a drink and this was a candid shot of them while one of the ladies stared into my camera while waiting for me to frame up my angle.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at LAVO Marina Bay Sands, these ladies were the talents for my shoot.
Shooting bar scenes can't have daylight coming in to the shot, this shot was taken around 2000hrs onwards.
I always measure the ambience to retain 50% of it and then I will light up the models with my strobes and fill up certain areas with Led lights as well. A little tip to share, all lights have to wrap up with CTO ( Colour Temperature Orange ).
I shoot with my workhorse canon cameras, mixed between 1dX and 5DSR, i love using fast lens F1.4 on 85mm and 50mm focal length especially in environment which i want to play with natural ambience.
I was getting my CA to shift and adjusting the lights around, while i was tweaking a bit on the settings of my camera and I noticed that one of the talent was staring at my camera with that lovely smile on her face and my immediate uncontrollable reaction is to press down the shutter button to capture that moment, even though the strobes aren't ready.
Digital photography requires some post processing on the colour temperature, some curves adjustments on the exposure, I always shoot Raw files, so post-processing is a must fornmy workflow.
In my camera bag
Other than cameras and lenses, the must have additional gears will be my sekonic light meter and my X-ritr colour passport.
Observe the scene and try to replicate how the lights will fall on to your talents, don't be afraid to open up your aperture to get in more ambience of the background where it is harder for you to light up naturally. Light up your subject with top down lights because you would want to simulate the down lights from the ceiling of the bar and fill in some shadows with minimum lights, can mix with led lights which are portable and handy to place around. Putting the right colour temp gels is important, don't neglect that. Just my 2 secs worth of advise.

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