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Behind The Lens

One of the most amazing wildlife parks in Southern Africa, Etosha, Namibia. It should be on everyone's bucket list.
I'd been driving around the entire morning and decided to head to the west of the park this particular day. When these 3 Gemsbok (Oryx) came walking by it was midday, as can be see by the lack of shadows.
Midday lighting is never the best, but sometimes its all you have and you have to make it work for you. I think it worked particularly well for this snap as its a harsh, desert environment and the lack of contrast adds to this. These animals seemed parched and tired as they headed for an afternoon drink.
Canon 5D Mark III, with a canon 70-200mm IS II USM f/2.8 @ 200mm
Three. This number comes across a lot in photography and these 3 lined up almost perfectly on the thirds. The desert floor and the sky competed pretty evenly for real estate and I decided to weight them evenly and not give preference to either but to rather have the focus on the three Oryx walking across frame.
Just a touch of contrast, colour correction, a small crop on the right edge.
In my camera bag
At the moment I have a Nikon D850, Nikkor AFS 70-200mm FLED f/2.8, Tamron G2 15-30mm f/2.89, A set of NiSi 100mm Filters and filter holder, extra batteries, extra cards, cleaning kit, Sirui Carbon Fiber Tripod, L-Bracket, remote trigger, and polarizers.
You have to try make the situation work for you. If the lighting is bad you could start looking at really strict compositions or clever perspectives to make the photo great. This photo could look pretty good at sunrise or sunset but sunset was another 6 hours away at least. So use what you have to emphasize the photo. In this case the midday sun added to the harshness of the environment, creating empathy for these thirsty animals.

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