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And now, a selfie

Many thanks to my awesome model.

Many thanks to my awesome model.
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A gorgeous shot!
PixelsInLightspace PRO+
:-) Thank you very much.
Stefnie PRO+
Stefnie May 22
Congrats on being runner up. Well deserved. I love everything about this shot. It portrays a sexy playfulness.
PixelsInLightspace PRO+
Thank you so much Stefnie :-)
mttomimages PRO+
mttomimages May 24
Absolutely fabulous! So very fun and creative! I voted for it in the Shallow Depth contest. It's a winner!
PixelsInLightspace PRO+
Great! Thank you very much :-)
BlueEagle PRO+
BlueEagle May 24
I like the shot a lot. I love the cans in the hair. Excellent shot
PixelsInLightspace PRO+
Thank you :-) I love it too ;-)
robertriffel PRO+
robertriffel May 25
What a wonderful and creative photo!
PixelsInLightspace PRO+
Thank you very much :-)

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Behind The Lens

The photo was made in the coiffeurpassion.ch Haidresser salon of the part time model in Langenthal, Switzerland.
We used the 23th of December in 2018 at about one p.m.
I used a lightweight combination of two Nikon Flashlites with Yongnuo YN-622 recivers and a Yongnuo YN-622FX remote trigger of course. I had to place the artificial light carefully to not have any uncontrolled shadows on her body or face.
I used my Nikon D810 in combination with my 85mm Sigma Art and the Tamron 45mm SP VC Lens. For the wider angels the Sigma 24-35mm f2 Art has been used. The artificial light I created as described in the section "Anything worth sharing about lighting?". No other gear (such as reflectors, flashes etc.) were used.
I had that idea to do a hair photoshoot with curlers but in my own way. Sometimes I like to combine these portraits with one of my vintage cameras. In this case the Nikon FA :-)
After selecting the best photos I corrected, if necessary, the light in the picture a little bit. Afterwards the pic has been cropped (if nesessary). Then, for this photos, I choosed this warm color look to gave the Photo that special look and last but not least, I made a classic beauty retouching. Finished. Do you like the result? I like it very much :-)
In my camera bag
For my portrait shootings I usually use my full format DSLR with a set of (relatively) fast primes: A 45mm, a 85mm or 90mm macro, and a 135mm, the magnificent Sigma 24-35mm f2.0 Art Zoom for the slightly wider angles and sometimes a 70-200mm (if I need it for longer distances).
With a cool idea and a relaxed model in a good mood you have nearly won. Then choose your shooting location and watch the light during the shoot. A camera with manual control (but don't forget: the best camera is the one you have with you) and then go for it. And yes, don't forget to do some the post-processing ;-)

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