Take a Bath

Many thanks to my awesome model.
Only with natural light.
Many thanks to my awesome model.
Only with natural light.

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Behind The Lens

The shoot was taken at the Lake of Sempch. A small lake in the middle of Switzerland.
It was late afternoon, between 15:30 and 18:00.
For this shot only natural light with no additional gear like reflectors or similar was used.
For this shooting I had to use my somewhat longer tele lenses (most shoots was taken with a full frame DSLR with 105 or 135mm) because of the distance to the model in the water. No other gear (such as reflectors, flashes etc.) were used.
We had a nice sunny day, so I went to the lake with three models to take some pictures which made them look great.
After selecting the photos I choosed the color look, then I corrected, if necessary, the light of the picture a little bit. Afterwards the pic has been cropped and last but not least, I made a classic beauty retouching. Finished :-)
In my camera bag
For this shooting I used my full format DSLR with a set of (relatively) fast primes: The 50mm, a 85mm, a 105mm and 135mm as well and the magnificent Sigma 24-35mm f2.0 Art Zoom for the slightly wider angles.
Search (and find) a nice and safe place for your water shots. Your model has to feel safe and comfortable. Then let your imagination play and do not forget to include the light to emphasize your model. Do not forget what you are photographing, it is the model and not the environment.

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