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Rebecca Piano1

Rebecca J, as St Barbara Patron Saint of Armourers, Canoneers, Weaponeers, Gunnies and Ammo personnel. Rebecca and Alexa from our mainly historic themed chari...
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Rebecca J, as St Barbara Patron Saint of Armourers, Canoneers, Weaponeers, Gunnies and Ammo personnel. Rebecca and Alexa from our mainly historic themed charity calendar shoot.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at Chillington Hall near Wolverhampton, England. It was during a 'shared location' shoot, where the location is booked and a small number of photographic teams attend, taking turns in shooting wherever is available. ( A team being a Photogtrapher, model(s) and maybe a mua). I had 2 models Rebecca J (seen here) and Alexa Rose, with me as we were shooting a Royal Air Force Armourers Calendar - based on the legend of the RAF Armourers patron Saint, St Barbara. This was just an impromptu shot whilst the other model made a restroom visit.
Around 1500hrs on a cool and breezy 13th October day.
I just ambient light so I could catch the room lighting. The room had a high glass dome in the ceiling, which let through a good amount of natural-albeit winter, light.
Canon 5Dmk4, EF16-35mm, f2.8L II SM lens
Rebecca was sat on this piano as a part of another set we were looking to do and I loved the light and reflection on the piano top, so I ran-off a few shots. I loved how her being in lingerie and especially her body art/tattoos, were in stark contrast to the classical and noble surroundings.
Yes, I always grade my (RAW) photos in Bridge, then copy the 3 star and above images, into a 1st Cut folder, starting with the 5 star images first. My grading is 5 stars for an image that just needs my logo adding and maybe a little brightness adjustment and that's it, good to go and saved as JPEG into my 2nd Cut folder. 4 stars a little more Post required, like sharpening, blemish removal, slight facial feature enhancement and 3 stars a little more post required further.
In my camera bag
In my Kata 3N1-20 bag I have: Canon 5Dmk4 Camera. Lenses- Canon 16-35mm 1:2.8 L II Canon 50mm1:1.8 II prime Sigma EX 105mm 1:2.8 DG MACRO Prime Sigma EX 10-20mm 1:3.5 DC wide angle Canon 430 EXIII-RT Flash GODOX XPro Trigger Pluto Trigger GoPro 5 Black Camera. Ricoh Theta V 360 Camera.
Settings were: 1/30 sec, f3.2, ISO 2500, I had my Godox AD600b Flash with me, but didn't use flash for this shot, as it would have blown out the natural and house lights.

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