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“Equal by Definition”.......math symbol





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apprtech67 November 29, 2018
Like the length of her hair here, nice photo
learwoody PRO+
learwoody November 29, 2018
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learwoody November 29, 2018
Thanks.. i always liked her in that length although what she looks like want really the purpose of the shot. I created it for a challenge entitled “what women want”. On guy posted a picture of his brain (his penis), a bunch of others posted women in bridal gowns, and yet some others posted women engaged in sex. I wasn’t going to enter it because, even as a guy with a healthy appreciation for sexuality, the submissions were offensive objectification and clearly stereotypical. Im not usually offended by that because its kind of pervasive in visual arts and understandably so.....but, this time it was just unthinkingly obvious. The math symbol means “equal by definition” and the picture is of my wife at an event at the university she graduated from about five years after grad. So that was my answer to “what women want”.
lolitart PRO+
lolitart November 29, 2018
she is gorgeous in every way you edit her however here I adore not only her look but the meaning of the photo specially after seeing the disrespectful ones I saw for this challenge, people have no clue... So sad, this is so clever in every way! not surprising coming from you Mr. W!

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