'SkyStar FerrisWheel'

A temporary ferris wheel assembled in Cincinnati. This one is an HDR at various slow shutter speeds with a fisheye lens.

A temporary ferris wheel assembled in Cincinnati. This one is an HDR at various slow shutter speeds with a fisheye lens.
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lovetravel September 08, 2019
You need a tripod to take this picture, right?
davidchinn September 09, 2019
For best results, yes a tripod should be used and was with this image.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Cincinnati, Ohio near the banks of the Ohio River.
This was taken on a chilly November evening, approximately 7:30 P.M. Eastern standard time.
I took this with the intention of creating an HDR slow shutter speed image. No special lighting used.
My equipment for the evening: Nikon D810, 16mm f2.8 fisheye lens and a Manfrotto/Bogen tripod. I also used a Alzo digital remote to avoid unnecessary camera shake.
Knowing this ferris wheel was to be on site temporarily, I wanted to capture the ferris wheel to experiment with various slow shutter speeds to show motion, but I felt by using a fisheye lens created a much special effect that I'm pleased with.
Post processing was with PhotoShop. Sometimes I tend to go the exstream where post processing is concerned, but this one I backed off since it is an HDR image. There was no need to cook the photo and go overboard with the processing.
In my camera bag
When out I usually have a Nikon D810, but have been known to carry a D4 as a backup or vise versa. The lenses will consist of a Nikon 80-200mm f2.8, Nikon 16mm f2.8 fisheye, Tokina 16-28mm f2.8 wide angle. Sometimes I will have a Nikon 28-300mm f5.6, that I rarely use.
My advice would be to definitely use a tripod. Have patience and experiment with various shutter speeds and aperture modes/settings.

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