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My Excavator XXL

Excavator 1452

Excavator 1452
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stigfagerli PRO+
stigfagerli October 28, 2019
How Cool like this
paulatchinson PRO
paulatchinson February 22, 2020
Another great colour contrast
stigfagerli PRO+
stigfagerli September 19, 2020
This is a cool foto

Behind The Lens

This is the 7000-ton Excavator 1452 still located in Görlitz near the german/polish border.
This was about two hours after the sun set.
The Lighting is what makes the image the image as you see it. The light behind my model Danilo was placed by my friend Sven Gerard, while I was walking around with an orange and blueish flashlight lighting up the excavator.
The image was taken with a Canon 5D Mark IV. The flashlights I used were a gift and are self-made with colored LED's. To create the smoke behind Danilo we used a vaporizer / electric cigarrete.
The Inspiration for the colors chosen is clearly coming from Belgium. The Belgium based Light Artist Pala Teth choose the color combination very often so we wanted to pay somewhat a fun tribute and send greetings to him. Cheers Pala!
What you see is almost what we did. There almost no post-processing. The minimal adjustments like crop and white balance as well as some de-noise sharpening would be it. That's always the challenge to do your light work properly then you don't have to post process so much later.
In my camera bag
There is always too much stuff in my bag. Besides my camera, I usually have at least 10 different flashlights and color filters with me. The headlamp and black hoody. this way I can easily create anywhere I go a simple light painting.
When getting into Light Painting it's usually interesting to find your inspiration first. Look for some images you like and see who created it. Lots of Light Painters (also me) share a making of or tutorial on their work. That is super helpful to get started.

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