BessieV Oct 14
Love the details in this composition.
Limeblu Oct 19
Thank you very much Bessie
simonparry Oct 17
Beautiful capture..
Limeblu Oct 19
Thank you Simon

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Sep, 2018


I'll keep you safe;You keep me wild.

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Top 20 class week 1
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Behind The Lens

This image was created in the front yard of a beautiful century old farmhouse located on the shore of Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada.
It was around 4 pm on an early fall day. Warm enough to be outside and cool enough to throw on a comfortable sweater.
The light was being filtered through the canopy of some century old maple trees. Beautiful shafts of golden light created a patchwork of green and amber on the lawn. Not the most opportune time to photograph, but with some patience and creativity anything is possible. Light and shadow are in a constant dance.
This image was shot with a Nikon D850 and a Tamron 15-30.
Two beautiful sisters brought this image to life. Both with amazing long hair and incredible smiles. So much alike, yet distinctly different. This shoot had been planned for a while and everything came together perfectly to make it happen. Placing the girls side by side shows their unity yet with both facing opposite directions you get a sense of their individuality.
I did the usual post in lightroom, white balance, exposure, contrast etc. I always play with light and shadow, highlights and darks to try and balance the image. I also added some clarity to their eyes.
In my camera bag
I normally carry my camera and two or three lenses, a telephoto, 70-200 and more recently the ultra wide 15-30. Their may also be a 50mm along for the journey. I also carry lens cloths and cleaner, ziploc bags and a blower. Extra battery and memory also come along.
Work with the light, walk the scene, view it from all angles, near and far, high and low. Be happy you are creating and share that joy with the models, your mood will lighten the entire shoot and the results will show it. Be patient but persistent. You know what you are looking for in the image, so make it happen. Do not settle, let the models know how to move, communicate what you need without becoming bossy or overbearing. If you work as a team any challenge can be overcome.

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