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doylewbland September 20, 2018
Great shot! Going to Cuba in Jan any can't miss spot for shots? Good luck
JeffJohnson September 20, 2018
Yo must walk the streets of both Central and Old Havana. Every where you turn you will find treasures to photograph, the people, the buidlings and culture. And of course there are classic American cars everywhere. Have $1 and $3 CUCs on hand because everyone expects a buck or two for you to photograph them. It is very safe walking around. Enjoy! I have a lot more images fo Cuba at
snmeiners September 20, 2018
this is insane love everything about it
rogerrunyon September 20, 2018
Awesome B&W
lieberaugust September 23, 2018
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
lieberaugust September 23, 2018
tertrop repuS
Neckbone October 02, 2018
Cool image!
Byronfairphotography October 15, 2018
Outstanding b/w portrait
terrinesvacil October 21, 2018
I love this!
JDLifeshots November 02, 2018
Amazing job! Congrats.
Lakshmanan November 04, 2018
I would like to download and make a painting out of it....marvellous shot!
Tom-K8EBR November 05, 2018
This is how black & white is done. Would not have worked in color.
tongant November 10, 2018
A magnificent photo, stunning!
glendarossignol November 20, 2018
Wow!!! Magnificent shot!
aledua December 04, 2018
Superb street portrait
JeffJohnson Jan 13
I want to thank you all for the kind words and appreciation! I am honored . . . and jazzed!! Thanks a lot!!
Wow wonderful ❤️

The Observer

This gentleman sits for endless hours on his doorstep in Central Havana, Cuba. He just observes life as it passes him by....
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This gentleman sits for endless hours on his doorstep in Central Havana, Cuba. He just observes life as it passes him by.
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Behind The Lens

This image was taken in Centro Habana, Cuba. I was leading a photography workshop to Cuba and we were walking the streets of Central Havana. This gentleman was just sitting and watching the world pass by. He had the sweetest smile and warmest eyes as we nodded acknowledgement of each other. I raised my camera as if to ask his permission and he gave me the slightest of nods to say yes. This was the only exposure I made of him.
It was the middle of the afternoon and very bright skies but he was sitting in the shade of his doorway keeping cool.
I grew up in the portrait photography world so I am always looking for the best possible and most flattering light on subjects faces. This was a gift!! His pose was classic, his mannerism was classy and the light was delicious!
I was hand-holding a Canon 5D MKIIIs with my Canon 100-400mm 5.6 lens. This was all available light with no additional flash or other modifiers.
Growing up and being trained in the portrait photography realm, I always am looking at faces and light hopefully to create imagery like this. Usually you have to set this up. Rarely does it just happen before your eyes.
I did. In Lightroom and Photoshop. I simply opted for contrast balance in Lightroom, slightly sharpened it to give it a more grungy edge. In Photoshop I manipulated some areas of light that were brighter than I preferred. Minor adjustments with major impact.
In my camera bag
My Canon 5D MKIIIs is almost never in my bag because it is in my hand!!! I use Canon lenses, 17-40, 100 macro and 100-400. I feel this is more than enough equipment to create. Beside I really hate carrying more than I really need.
I truly believe you need to get out of your head (equipment) and get into your heart (connection). The more gear you lug around will inevitably keep you wondering if this is the right lens for this shot or if you should add a filter or a flash. With less gear, and the "right gear", and this is of course a personal choice as to what is "right", will keep you more aware of what's happening in front of your camera and not what is in your gear bag. For me, I love the connection I make with my subjects. If I have to stop and drop a bag, then change a lenses, then move to the right or move to the left to find the light, that valuable connection with the subject is gone. This connection is what makes my imagery what it is: emotionally charged and felt deep in the soul. You have to experiment to find what is the right camera and lenses that you consider to be "right", but when you do, it all becomes magical, not technical. Remember that photography is an art even though it is based in science. So the quicker and better you learn the tech side the more successful and soulful your imagery will be. Works for me!! For over 40 years!

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