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Peru-Machu Pichu

My own promotional poster picture of Machu Pichu.

My own promotional poster picture of Machu Pichu.

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9 Comments | Report
Bharathy October 24, 2018
Thank you for your upload :) add more details about that place.
Joviaal PRO
Joviaal October 25, 2018
Hi Thisa, a nice article you can find on
WEphotos July 19, 2019
Nice view for perspective! Great shot!
Joviaal PRO
Joviaal July 19, 2019
Thank you. :-)T
Pjerry April 07, 2020
Zo'n mooie plek hรจ. Super.
Joviaal PRO
Joviaal April 08, 2020
Ja, zeer imposant.
marilynjlyon Platinum
marilynjlyon April 10, 2020
Great shot! How exciting to see this place.
Joviaal PRO
Joviaal April 28, 2020
Thank you, yes it's a great place to visit. ๐Ÿ˜Š
luckie06 April 28, 2020
Great shot despite the fact that the site is full of people... We were just a few when I visited this wonderful place but it was 40 years ago :)
Joviaal PRO
Joviaal April 28, 2020
Thank you, it was difficult to avoid the tourists. ๐Ÿ˜ž
ronaldwebb June 09, 2020
Machu of my favorite historical sites to visit in Peru!!! My kids lived in Peru for several years, so I got the opportunity to visit.Well composed photo!
Joviaal PRO
Joviaal June 09, 2020
Thank you, it's an enchanting place.
Asante PRO+
Asante June 15, 2020
Stunning vista view. Well done!
Joviaal PRO
Joviaal June 17, 2020
Thank you very much Asante. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Hood PRO+
Hood October 01, 2020
Wow, always wanted to visit Machu Pichu!! Amazing!!
Joviaal PRO
Joviaal October 01, 2020
Well recommended. Peru is a very interesting country.
mohansiri July 29, 2021
Absolute master piece
Joviaal PRO
Joviaal July 29, 2021
Thank you so much. ๐Ÿ˜Š
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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in Peru from the highest point of the archaeological site.
It was quiet early, which was good for the shadows I wanted.
It was a very sunny day but the sunlight was too bright for taking a nice shot, so I waited for a small cloud to cover the sun to have some filtered light and moderate brightness, but still with good shadows.
Although I had 2 camera's with me, I used my iPhone 5, because I had little time. The small cloud which I needed past by quickly.
If you come to this place, it is si overwhelming that it is impossible not to take photo's.
In my camera bag
2 Compact cameras and spare batteries.
Travel and bring your camera wherever you go. Be patient and wait for the right moment, and quick not to miss it.

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