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Jun, 2018

Behind the light

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Behind The Lens

I’m primarily a landscape photographer who wanted to try something with creative portraiture. The location iI chose was my living room at night. I wNted a location where I could black out all external light except for the string of LEDs I used in making this image
The Image was made in the that there was not natural light available and so that I could eliminate all artificial light sources other than the LEDs.
I remembered ex all external light sources from this image. My intent was to rely solely upon thecsoft light emitted by the LED string.
This image was made with my Pentax K-1 full frame dslr. The lens I chose was one of the limited classics from the film days - the Pentax FA 77mm f1.8. I did not use a tripod. The only other items involved were the LED string light I purchased at and arts and craft store and a very patient model (my daughter).
My inspiration was to try to make a unique portrait and to play with an unconventional light source. I admire the in Redmond lbs portraits uploaded by the talented photographer members of Viewbug. I was motivated to try to do a black and white with a minimal investment in artificial lighting.
Post processing of this image was simple. I processed the image in Adobe PS CC. I sharpened bad cropped the Image. I also converted the image to black and white using Nik Silvef Efex.
In my camera bag
My first love is landscape and nature photography. In my Thinktank bag I carry my Pentax K-1 camera. My primary lenses are the Pentax DFA 24-70 f2.8 and 15-30mm f2.8. I use a NiSi filter system using polarizer and ND filters. I also use a Rokinon 24mm f3.5 tilt shift lens. I also carry an assortment of macro and vintage Pentax fixed focus lenses (including the FA 31, 43, and 77mm lenses - Pentax’s 3-amigos).
Photography is all about finding the right light. If you cannot find it outside and you do not have access to a studio and a comprehensive lighting system, think simple. Think small. A few dollars at an arts and craft store, a willing model, and a dark room are great accessories!

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