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Jun, 2018

The Unrealized Void

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Won Contest Finalist in Covers Photo Contest Vol 47July, 2018
Won Staff FavoriteJune, 2018


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Behind The Lens

This photo is a composite of 6 photos. The main image was taken in my studio, the light was from my neighbors house, the texture on the bottom is mulch from my front yard, and the “room” is actually the inside of an amazon box.
Each of the photos was taken at mid-morning.
Certainly! The lighting in this image is such a huge component. Each image was taken indoors during mid morning light. Some were on different days. It was important that each image be captured not only with the same lighting but with the same direction of lighting too.
The camera I used is a Nikon d750 and I used my 35mm lens for each shot with my manfrotto tripod and d450 head. Each shot was taken in mind to the end result. So while I used the same lens I’d use a different depth of field for each image. I process them on a MacBook Pro with a Wacom tablet.
This image was an image to the feeling that I felt on the Mothers Day which followed the passing of my own mother.
The way in which I create is all about the post processing. I tend to use photoshop exclusively. Occasionally I’ll twerk something in lightroom first, but it’s rare. This image probably has at least 30 layers. First I stitch the images togesther with masking, then I design the lighting of the image, then add texture, finally I adjust the color.
In my camera bag
I used to travel much heavier. These days it’s usually just me, my Nikon d750, sigma art 35mm, my cheap Nikon remote shutter button, and my tripod.
Plan plan PLAN! The more planning the better. When I do these types of images I first have to find my concept. Inspiration hits at the oddest times so I keep a running journal in my iPhone Of ideas. Once I’m ready to execute I sit down to sketch it out. After that I start thinking of things like “what will I wear?” “Which props will I need?”. Then I start scouting out locations. Sometimes I already know the perfect spot, other times I begin on google earth. I just walk around my area a bit to see what captivates me. When I do the shoot I try to shoot all of the images for the piece at the same time. If that isn’t possible, I shoot them another day, but still at the same time and with similar lighting. Once I have all of the images they get loaded into my computer. First I set the composite, then the lighting, then texturize, then color. After it’s finished I shelf it for a bit. I keep a jpeg of it in my iPhone so I could stare at it a while. I do some final tweeks over those days. Once it’s finished, I release it for the world to see.

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