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E intanto il tempo se ne va

time goes by

Award-winning photography
1° Premio internazionale Arte Palermo

This photo is part of a series of photographic wor...
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time goes by

Award-winning photography
1° Premio internazionale Arte Palermo

This photo is part of a series of photographic works entitled "20 fotoartwork" and will be printed in only ten pieces size 40x60 cm. on special cotton art paper. For purchase mail to enzo.dellacqua@gmail.com
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Mtneye July 15, 2018
Love this!
DroBoghosian PRO
DroBoghosian December 17, 2018
Just damn...

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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in Madonna di Campiglio (northern Italy) , Brenta Dolomites, in a series of waterfalls called "Cascate di Vallesinella Alta". Among the different water jumps I could choose one in which the rocks provided a sort of natural stage to place the model in the act of observing the water while falling.
I remember perfectly that it was seven p.m., I had to take advantage of the sunset and at the same time have sufficient light to descend to the nearest mountain shelter. Obviously I was worried about having to follow a steep path in the dark, not only for me and the equipment, even for my beautiful model Greta. Unfortunately we did not have many alternatives, we needed a low light that would allow long exposures and a time when tourists do not normally travel the mountain paths. Being a nude photo, for many reasons that I think it is useless to explain, I prefer that the audience appreciate the finished work, not the set!
I knew immediately that this shot would make sense in black and white. Wanting to represent the water of the waterfall in motion without losing definition on the model I worked with two flash fillings on the subject, paying particular attention at the angle and the power, to have effect only on the figure in the foreground softening the shadows and keeping the look more natural as possible.
This was shot on Nikon D7000, 50 mm. Sigma "Art" 1.4, tripod Manfrotto, Nikon SB-700 flash lights.
Since 2015 I have focused my photographic practice on the production of images built to communicate with the spectator. I was looking for the way to represent the slow passing of time and our propensity to stand still while watching it. The waterfall with its incessant fall remaining apparently the same, represented well this concept. It was necessary to find the right way to give importance to every element of photography to induce the viewer to follow it not focusing on the single subject in the foreground, to the point of understanding that this is nothing but the mirror image of the spectator himself.
Usually I process my shots, but in this specific case I could limit myself to the conversion in black and white and a slight increase in the contrast. The shot also has some slight burn to emphasize the vegetation in the background, nothing more.
In my camera bag
I do not know why, but the equipment I prefer always weighs a lot, maybe because I work a lot in the studio and there I do not notice. In general I know the set that I want to shoot and how to do it, so especially in outdoor I try to bring with me only the bare essentials. Never miss my Nikon D7000 or D750 and the fixed optics 50 and 28 mm. Sigma, one or more tripods for the camera and any flash lights. When I feel that the backpack with the equipment becomes particularly heavy, usually halfway to the location, I first regret having brought this or that equipment to "safety", then if I'm with someone I joke about it, saying that in bottom what weighs most in the backpack and that I can not in any way leave home is Plato, the Greek philosopher.
If you want to take photographs of this kind, especially in highly populated countries such as Italy, try first to choose locations and times of the year as well as hours of the day that allow you good lighting and the absence of prying eyes. This allows you to work calmly paying attention to the photo and not to another. Planning the shot and counting a reconnaissance and the possibility of having to wait for the ideal conditions helps a lot. Personally I prefer to photograph models with whom I can talk and joke while waiting. Almost always girls not only very beautiful but, in most cases also nice, kind and extremely intelligent ... In my experience to have a friendly relationship with the models definitely helps to get the best out of the shot. Models are not "things" available to you only because you have paid them. They are wonderful people through which you can dignify your images. I take particular note of it.

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