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Out of the thickets Lion Pride Ungarva Namibia 2018 copy

A pride of 13 Lions we came across, powerful connection.. Big enough to take Cape Buffalo !! and perhaps young Elephant and Rhino. ...
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A pride of 13 Lions we came across, powerful connection.. Big enough to take Cape Buffalo !! and perhaps young Elephant and Rhino.
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RonTear July 03, 2019
Thank you al so much !!!! most appreciated !
DNproSTUDIO Apr 29
so nice photo for the tiger

Behind The Lens

This was taken in Namibia at Ongava Reserve. We were treated to a large pride of 20 + individuals. This Lioness had separated from a main group ( you can see some individuals in the dust ) We had got in front of the pride so I could focus on individuals or groups of this pride. Working on exposure and composition as the situation changed constantly !! Always trying to be pictorial and some story telling. Impact is always important.
Late afternoon and that warm light. Stayed with them till it got dark !! very exciting !! to have Lions within jumping distance.
Making the most as it changed, sculpturing the environment and the wildlife.
Canon 5D mk 3 100/400 IS Canon lens 5.6 Handheld,
Being in the vicinity of these majestic animals is compensation enough. Being able to interact with a camera is almost like being one with them. A very sobering experience with nature in the raw.
Only PS adjustments, I do most in camera.
In my camera bag
Several Canon bodies 5D mk 3 Wide angle lens 18/24 15mm Fish eye lens, SD cards of various sizes, spare batteries, cleaning cloth,
I always look for the individual element to the scene in front of you. With wildlife, study behaviour, anticipate action, exposure compensation. Back button focusing, aperture and speed connection. Composition is a very big consideration !! Confidence to get what you want and not endangering you subject or your self !! Stay calm at all times. If all else fails just watch !!!!!!

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