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Samyang 14mm on Sony A7R

Samyang 14mm on Sony A7R
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Ruslan_Lavrentyev May 25, 2019
DNproSTUDIO June 10, 2019
nice the landscape shot
pasdesigns June 11, 2019

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in my village Bitelic, near town Sinj in Croatia where I love to go to relax and shoot pictures of nature from macro to landscapes.
Nice and sunny day in October with beautiful warm tones of the sunset, photo was taken about 17:30h on 21st of October.
As sunset was setting in sun was just barely shining over the hill with very warm yellow-orange light covering surroundings. With only natural light camera settings were at ISO 200, f8, 1/200 (should have used higher ISO but it was easily corrected when editing).
The shot was taken with: Sony A7R + Samyang 14mm f:2.8 lens, hand held.
It was a nice and warm day and I went for a walk just enjoying nature with camera with me "just in case". Not really planning to take any shots as I walked this road many times before, but this time I just stopped and thought this is very nice and calming scene. With road disappearing into the curve by the tall Poplar trees, freshly plowed field with a simple branch as the fence and all that bathing in nice warm sunset light - I just took out my camera put on wide angle lens to catch as much of the scene as I could quickly made settings, moved to the side of the road to improve composition, took two shots and continued the walk thinking that one day cameras should record smell also.
Photo was slightly cropped, added one stop of exposure, did some correction to highlights and shadows and added little saturation to recreate feeling and colors from that moment.
In my camera bag
Depending on what I plan to shoot I carry different lenses and accessories. My camera choice is Sony A7R - because I use mostly old manual lenses and they can all be adapted to mirrorless. This time in my bag besides camera there was Sony FE 28-70mm, Samyang 14mm and few old manual lenses.
As I wrote before I wasn't planning this shot, went down the road I went many times before with thought "Nothing new or interesting there..." but I took my camera with me as I had many of those moments when something happens and camera is not with me and I regret it - so "just in case". Walking and talking with my gf this scene just poped out to me and I took a shot. Same place, same road, same trees but that day it was different and I hope I managed to capture that relaxing feeling you can get lost in - long gravel road, worked field and tall trees covered in warm and inviting colors of sunset. I was happy I took my camera with me that day.

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