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Apr, 2018

The phoenix from the moon

The Phoenix from the moon
Model: Annika
One day you wake up and start your routine, you get ready to go to work, when you go on the road something happens so fast that when you realize you wake up in a hospital.
You listen to unknown and well-known voices, you do not know what to think, you have broken vertebrae of your spine and you can not move, there is a very high risk that you do not walk again, in less than 24 hours they make you one of the most complicated operations, you take the risk.
A year has passed, you walk and make your life normally, the tragedy you lived has been in the past, you have been reborn as the Phoenix.
This is the story of Annika the model that you see in the photo, I really think it is very inspiring to overcome such adverse situations and move on.

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Won Contest Finalist in It Is Red Photo ContestJune, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in The Fluid Self Photo ContestMay, 2018

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