pietnel Mar 06
Thank you pietnel
zinojohn May 01
Lovely shoot and excellent choice of colour grade.
So gorgeous! Beautiful lighting. And the look is so sexy!

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Mar, 2018

Ohope Collection || Erin no.3

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo while on my yearly summer camping trip to Ohope Beach New Zealand. When I started getting into photography for a hobby I thought of this spot... it’s only about 1 minutes walk from my tent along the dunes where it’s vast and flat and covered in those delightful dune grasses.
This was taken right at midday. I’m not one for harsh sunlight and love a nice moody pic.... so as the clouds closed in I knew it was the perfect time to go do a mini shoot.
It was overcast giving some nice even light with soft shadows which was exactly what I was after. Given I find harsh direct sunlight difficult to work with. And it’s just not my style either.
I used my Canon 6D and I borrowed my friends 70-200 f4 L IS lens. And took these shots just handheld.
So I Have been interested in portrait photography for a while, and I am always ready to learn and try different things. So I wanted to use my friends 70-200 for some portraits as I dont currently Have a good zoom lens. I really wanted some where the landscape was pulled in, showcasing the scale of the flat dunes. This one however is one of the few that didn’t have the horizon in it as I wanted a few with less distracting backgrounds.
So I am still trying to get all the gear I need.... so unfortunately I don’t Hav a laptop with Lightroom... so.... this is an iPhone edit. I use the app versions of photoshop and Lightroom. With this image I wanted something bright with soft sandy tones. So I developed this of a very warm crisp preset (which I can’t remeber) and tried to keep it bright and desaturated as that was the look I was going for.
In my camera bag
So I recently got myself the canon 85mm 1.8. That has become my favourite lens for sure. But I always Have the evertimeless “nifty fifty” with me. I also Have a canon 16-35mm which I use for my landscape work. And do use the same lens for the odd urban portrait or group shot.
To anyone wanting to capture a similar styled image, I would suggest a nice good focal length. I shot this at around 200mm to really compress the landscape my model Erin was sitting in. Using the lowest aperture on the lens used to also really make your subject stand out and be the main focus. Also take into account your preferred colours... I like desaturated warm tones, so I chose a nice grassy sand dune. So prethinking the colours of the location your going to shoot at is a must. And also finally edit your image in a way that suits the person and also landscape. Here that was editing it in a bright and desaturated way to really give it that washy beachy feel that I was going for.

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