pietnel Mar 06
Gorgeous shot beautiful young lady
dionpride Apr 16
I love this shoot you and her did amazing job!!!

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Mar, 2018

Beauty: Nausheen

Fall in love with Nausheen. It's impossible not to. Every shot with her is like a painting, and inescapable lock, beauty so touching it seems unreal...

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Won Community Choice AwardNovember, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Image Of The Month Photo Contest Vol 31May, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Covers Photo Contest Vol 45April, 2018
Won Editor's ChoiceMarch, 2018


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Behind The Lens

This photos was taken in my home studio. I love converting my living area into a studio, changing the geography of the whole room
I almost always shoot studio things in the evening to avoid light leaks, plus a lot of creative people tend to be more open in the evening, so it's easier to create a flow, especially after the day's work is finished.
Lighting is always so important, and integral part of story-telling in photography. I loved creating this image to just let her face do the work, the lighting is just a way to emphasize what is already there. I used three lights with gels for this shot, aiming for strong rim and side lights and an almost suppressed key up front
I shoot mostly on a Panasonic GH-3, and love the 35-100mm (active 70-200) lens. I tend to stay at around 100mm (or 50mm on this lens) range for shots like this. The lighting is a mix of Godox AD-200s and a hot light.
Beauty is a very subjective thing, but there's something so captivating about Nausheen, that I'm still attached to. This shoot came about because of that inability to move past the initial reactions I had to her face and work. I found Nausheen about a year or so ago for a project. The project fell through, but I continued following her work, which is always amazing. Not only is she a natural beauty, but she's extremely hard-working and creative too. This was our first shoot together, but it helped establish a relationship that we are carrying through to other projects.
Yes, post is a big part of my work. Maybe it's my terrible vision, maybe it's that I'm anal-retentive about things, but post to me is very important. It's not about a literal perfection, but a perceived perfection, trying to eliminate distractions and focus on where I want to viewer's eye to focus. Temporary anomalies that distract don't help drive the eye, so, post is necessary. Since I also aim for a "hyper-realistic" feel to my images, post help create that feeling. It's mostly a mix of really light softening and hand contrasting certain elements
In my camera bag
This is a loaded question. It's all about the shoot. The list of equipment for this type of shoot is pretty long.
Not really any advice. This, along with a LOT of my studio shots, are more about experimenting than trying to capture something. I got lucky with an image like this because I had a talented and beautiful model that was willing to collaborate with me to try some things. When you take ego out of it, it lets you play more, and that when things can happen. Due to shots and trial and error in things like these, I've started adding gels to more and more to recreate results for actual shoots. But it's not a "Step 1, Step 2" type of process. It's far more important to thing about what the project or client calls for over the instantly replicable style. At least to me!

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