freckled beauty

when I've met a fallen angel...

when I've met a fallen angel...
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Lesabre1954 Platinum
Lesabre1954 September 08, 2022
Very impressed by the beauty of this photo. Excellent composition.
stigfagerli PRO+
stigfagerli September 09, 2022
Beautifull foto
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Behind The Lens

I took this picture in Paris. My model Sofiya was visiting and we were just wandering around the city when I took this photo of her.
It was some time in the afternoon, towards the end of the day.
The lighting is 100% natural, we were standing in the shade of a tree on a very sunny day.
I used Nikon D800 with 50mm lens.
I think my main source of inspiration is always my models and their particularities. And Sofiya's freckles are just to die for, so I really wanted to capture them, and I think a close-up was the best way to underline it.
I used curves in Photoshop to make the color look more soft
In my camera bag
I spend 10 years shooting only with Nikon D800 with a 50mm lens but very recently I bought myself Nikon D780 and I still use my 50mm lens which is really great for everything.
Don't be afraid to get closer to your models ! I think it might look too simple and scary to shoot the close-ups but actually it can reveal even more character in your models ! And you can catch their inner world, also because this way your are very close to their eyes, which are, as we all know, the mirror of the soul.

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