DuffyDoherty Apr 11
Nice color contrast...
LisaShalom Apr 13
Thank you, all, for your comments
SoRam Apr 17
wow. nice one
Nice picture with the leading lines and the yellow colors, Did she see the result too?
garymintz Jul 04
this is awesome! love it.

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Jan, 2018

The Tube

A woman walks through a tube station in London, UK
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Won Contest Finalist in Unique Locations Photo ContestJuly, 2018
Won Runner Up in London Photo ContestApril, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in London Photo ContestApril, 2018


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Behind The Lens

A London tube station
In the evening
I didn't use a flash. The lighting in the tunnel was very strong and was coming down directly from the top which really highlighted the subject.
Sony A7, no flash, wide angle lens
A friend of mine who lives in London, whom I was visiting, suggested we go on a photo-walk. This tube station was listed as one of the most photographed places in London, so we headed there to see what the fuss was all about. Since it was New Years Eve, there were tons of people walking up and down this hallway, but they were all wearing black clothes. I told my friend that we needed to find someone maybe wearing a red coat so that the colors would pop more. Just then, a girl walked by in a yellow rain coat, but going through another train terminal. Despite hundreds of people I chased her down and asked her to please do us a favor and walk down the hallway. She was so sweet and accepted.
Not much at all!! Maybe a bit of saturation and sharpening to make the colors pop.
In my camera bag
Sony A7, two lenses, and a hot-shoe flash. I just recently upgraded to a Sony (from a Canon) so I still don't have much in my collection yet. I'm slowly building it.
Don't be nervous to stop people and ask them to model for you!! Some will say no, but the ones who say yes might help you capture the photo of a lifetime and it's worth it to ask because you just never know!

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