I love the softness in this closeup. The warm colours and peaceful eyes are really beautiful. Model - Tanya Wright

I love the softness in this closeup. The warm colours and peaceful eyes are really beautiful. Model - Tanya Wright
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edrobson Premium
edrobson January 20, 2018
georgippetrov January 20, 2018
Thank you. Glad you like it.
ikar111 March 23, 2018
Very nice !
georgippetrov March 24, 2018
Thanks a lot. Glad you like it.
digitalmad PRO
digitalmad March 24, 2018
Very pretty model and very good image.
georgippetrov March 24, 2018
Thank you. I am happy this shoot win award.
Pidge815 PRO+
Pidge815 April 10, 2018
RamyDelariarte June 13, 2018

Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in my studio in Preston, Lancashire. It was group night photography with few photographers and models. I was planning for a long time to try a close-up portrait photography and this photo was the turnaround point for me.
I was just chatting with the model at the time of this shot. We had a lovely conversation about the plans for future shots and just general talk about photography and modelling. I wanted to let the model relaxing and stop thinking about the shooting. I love how this captures the natural dreamy look on her face and eyes. This was taken at 20:56:24 on 25 October 2017 exact time.
As much I want to get fancy here and list some complicate lighting the reality is much more simple. I use only speed modelling light with white round softbox. That's all. Because I wanted to be more natural look and not involving posing I just used whatever was set for the shot to follow.
This image was shot on Canon 60D and Sigma 24-105mm f/4.0 DG OS HSM Art Lens.
I've seen some amazing natural portraits of other photographers and wanted to start experimenting with close-up portraiture. I really like close-up so I needed to know if I can do it. However, many models coming always with makeup done on group shoots and I am not a big fan of makeup, especially not used properly. So you can imagine the joy when the model turn up with no makeup at all. I loved the fact she was natural and had this fire curly hair and lovely freckles. So, I said to my self - now is the time to start making this close up portraits happening.
I did some post-processing. Overall, the original image is fantastic but I wanted to give a little be more warm and dreamy look. So believe it or not I use some of the futures in PortraitPro and then finish in Photoshop. Really not much done. I think all retouching was done in less than 30 minutes as far I can remember. I did clean the lips, brighten the eyes to pop the colour more and give overall the image a nice warm lighting and feeling.
In my camera bag
I always have my Youngnuo 50mm 1.8 lens in my bag no matter where I go. For lens costing less than 50$ this lens perform really well. really light and easy to use Is the one lens I can't go out without it. I also have my Canon 85mm because is really great for portraits and perform amazingly in low lights. I have my mini tripod and the regular one all the time. Few remote triggers, batteries and filters. Really don't like to have a heavy bag. Also, I love to work with whatever I have at the moment. Sometimes I limit myself on purpose so I can explore more the gear I have available.
If you looking for similar work or capture this type of close-up I'll say the first things is to stop and take a little step back. Relax and have a chat with your model. Forget about the shooting for a moment. Many professional models will pose for you without any problems but to pull the natural from them is best to make the shooting more of fun and relax and not a job. Hope this makes sense. Set your camera, lights and just leave it when you have a chat. You'll feel when things go relaxing and this is the moment to pick the camera and just go for it. Most important, enjoy and leave the shot to find you.

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