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It's fair to say that portrait, beauty and close up photography becoming my favourite in 2018. Here is another shot from recent 1 to 1 session. The image w...
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It's fair to say that portrait, beauty and close up photography becoming my favourite in 2018. Here is another shot from recent 1 to 1 session. The image was retouched in about 3 hours and lots of work gone behind it. I love it and hope you will like it as well.
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pietnel March 29, 2018
She is gorgeous amazing shot
RamyDelariarte June 10, 2018

Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in my studio in Preston, Lancashire. We just experiment with the model without any direction really. It was more of a fun day to try few things.
The photo was taken in the afternoon. This was the only time the model was free so we just shot for a couple of hours. I wanted as much closeup shots but not too many so I can finally choose few I really love.
Not really any special lighting. I have only one beautiful light behind the model just to get a little on her hair. I wanted the shot to be as minimal in using any lights possible. Most of the lighting is painted during the retouching.
I use my Canon 60D and believe it or not my Youngnuo 50mm f/1.8 for this shot. Another prove that $50 lens can produce amazing results.
I was looking for close up portraits. I am really big fan of close up so just wanted to create something I had in my mind for a long time.
Yes. This image is retouched in Photoshop. Cleaning the skin, painting and extend the hair, replace the background, add some extra lighting and texture on the background. It was around 2-3 hours of work to make the final result as I wanted.
In my camera bag
My bag always has the Canon 60D, Youngnuo 50mm f/1.8, Canon 85mm f/1.8, mini tripod, remote shooters, colour gels. Sometimes I have few extras but this is always ready to go.
Just take pictures. Is good to have some idea what you want but don't let this stop you. Most of my successful images are captured when I didn't have any idea what I am looking for or just turn up on shooting and fallow the flow. If you want to create something complicate you need a plan but if you want to take on a chance I encourage you to do it. Is fun, challenging and most of the time will free your mind and release the pressure on the model so you will come up with something unique. If you take 200 shots and in the end, you have 2-3 to work on this is what counts. A little advice here. Just because some of your shots are not good to think again and see if you can use elements from them when retouching to compliment your chosen shots.

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