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Arctic Fox





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AElisephotographyUK October 20, 2018
awww he just looks soooo sad :(
keepclicking November 30, 2018
Awesome photograph
sheripetersontaus PRO
sheripetersontaus November 30, 2018
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sheripetersontaus PRO
sheripetersontaus November 30, 2018
Thank you!!

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at a little roadside diner around Healy, Ak. We were headed to Fairbanks when we stopped for a bite to eat. This little beauty came up over the little ridge with something in its mouth. I ran to the car a grabbed my camera and started shooting.
This was sometime early afternoon on a typical cold and cloudy day in Alaska.
The lighting was whatever was there. I didn't use a flash or set up anything special, there wasn't time.
This was taken with my first camera a Canon rebel xsi, no flash or tripod.
I love to shoot wildlife (with my camera) and there was no way I could pass up shooting this little guy. He was eating something and kept going down the ridge and back up. Maybe his stash of food was down there, I don't really know. I watched and shot him for about 20 minutes while he enjoyed his meal and then took off. I have many pics of him that I think really show his personality.
I try to let my photos be as natural as possible. I have gone through the time when I over processed, then as I've grown in my post processing, I have seen the need to back off. I almost always add some clarity, a little vibrance, and increase the whites a little. I also added some saturation and finished with a little vignette.
In my camera bag
I have several bags and a big hard sided case. When I pack my bag to take for the day I try to think of what kind of shots I might want to get which will determine what I take for the day. I always have a lens cloth, usually a tripod or monopod, usually a couple cameras with different lenses on them. I usually take a zoom, a prime and my 24-105 which I find very useful for a variety of shots. I will also take a couple of filters, my shutter release and try to remember a plastic bag to lay on if needed. The most important thing I always have with me is my husband. He helps me change lenses, carries things for me and is overall very supportive of my photography!!!
The only advice I can give is to always have a camera with you if you love to shoot wildlife. There are many shots I missed, that I think would have been great shots, when I didn't have my camera with me. Always have a lens ready and do a sort of pre-set up in camera with your current surroundings so if you see something you aren't fumbling with aperture etc! And remember, take that lens cap off!!!! Happy shooting everyone!

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