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Night shot of the Macinac bridge in Mi

Night shot of the Macinac bridge in Mi
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LuaGrace PRO+
LuaGrace August 31, 2016
Great shot!
RSJabaay May 21, 2017
I'm glad someone got a great shot of the Mighty Mac entered into the Bridge contest! I thought for sure it would have been missed.
nornots PRO
nornots June 22, 2017
Big Mac, great shot
steveking4 PRO+
steveking4 June 22, 2017
That's a beautiful shot of the Mackinaw Bridge, and you don't often see the water so still and reflective either, very nice!!

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Michigan. It is of the Mackinac Bridge.
This was taken about an hour after sunset.
I had not seen the bridge at night but was told it had colorful lights on at night. So I wanted to get a shot with all the lights on and the reflection of the lights in the water.
I have a Cannon 5D Mark III. I used a tripod, a remote shutter release and used long exposure settings.
I love images with water and reflection. I also love the look of the smooth water since this will give you better reflection in my opinion. I knew the lights would give a beautiful reflection but in this image I love how the water gave texture to the golden light. My husband and I are traveling around the U.S. in an RV. We plan on getting to every state and had never been to this part of Michigan. We were blown away by the beauty of this area of Michigan known as the U.P. When I first saw this bridge I knew I wanted to get a night shot of it.
I actually did very little post processing to this image. Nothing was masked or stacked. A little clarity and a few spot removal was pretty much all I did.
In my camera bag
I probably carry too much in my bag. Since we are traveling in an RV, my equipment is always close by, but since I don't have a lot of time to really scope out the areas where I'm going to shoot, I take everything I think I might need in most situations. I always have my 24-105, ND filters, polarizing filters, remote shutter release, a tripod and lens cleaning equipment.
Using a tripod for this type of image is vital. I also have a head light with a red light so I can see things in the dark. The red is so it doesn't bother other photographers who might be around, not as bright but still allows you to see. A remote shutter release is also a must. I think as a landscape and wildlife photographer something you always need with you is patience! It takes time and patience to get the shot you love.

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