Ryleems Jan 15
That is such a cool effect. How did you do that?
korinna Feb 09
Voted on the long exposure contest
ruebusch Mar 02
Very Cool. I would love to knnow your technique.
Elyzabeth Mar 03
Stunning! Extremely unique.
nllphotogra Mar 03
Very cool, but also a little unnerving.
BirdyNumNums Mar 04
This is amazing.
ambermundy Mar 04
Awesome job
artieboy53 May 08
Alien being has landed!
3eyes May 16
I really enjoy your work

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Nov, 2017

In the dark

Long exposure with a light-brush.
Model: Aria Rainbow
20170824 018 Aria

Submitted to Photo Contests


Won Contest Finalist in The Magic Of Editing Photo ContestMay, 2018
Winner in Something strange Photo ChallengeMarch, 2018
Won Runner Up in Covers Photo Contest Vol 44March, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Covers Photo Contest Vol 44February, 2018


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Absolute Masterpiece
Top Choice
Superior Skill
Superb Composition
Magnificent Capture
All Star

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Top 30 class
Top 20 class week 1
Top 20 class
Top 30 class
Top 20 class week 1
Top 10 class week 1
Top 30 class
Top 30 class week 1


Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in my studio in Rijswijk, near The Hague.
As the studio cannot be properly darkened, we had to wait until after sunset.
The only lightsource is a light-brush. This specific light brush has darkened fibres, such that only the end of the fibres emit light. The brush was moved over the model's body in a long exposure, while she holds still. She did a great job, thanks Aria Rainbow!
The main equipment is the light brush with a strong torch. Otherwise it was a Nikon D800 on a tripod and a remote trigger.
I love the creation of abstract and out of this world photos, which require a second look to understand what the eye sees. Experimenting with a light brush creates such dreamy effects.
Some cropping, minor exposure and clarity correction. The photo is almost as shot.
In my camera bag
What I normally use depends on the shoot. In the studio I typically rely on a Nikon D800, but I don't think the equipment is critical.
Make sure it's sufficiently dark and have enough empty space behind your model. Explain in detail to the model what you're doing.

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