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Defiant of Time

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The tales this tree could tell if it was able to speak. It is probably century’s old and looks battered and weathered but it has persevered. It has defied man...
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The tales this tree could tell if it was able to speak. It is probably century’s old and looks battered and weathered but it has persevered. It has defied man, nature, time, wars and is still going strong looking all wise and ominous with its tentacle-like branches reaching out in the sky.

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davidsloan January 01, 2018
Strong vibrant capture,truly is rustic magic :>)
ChibaBob January 03, 2018
I love this photo so much! It inspires me. Such a cool shot.
markkrause PRO
markkrause January 03, 2018
What a fantastic shot! You've really captured this massive beauty very well!
Shaylyn521 March 04, 2018
Absolutely beautiful!
keepclicking November 23, 2018
Awesome shot, fab light.
angelocardoso November 25, 2019
CPKphoto June 30, 2020
Fujiguy PRO+
Fujiguy November 15, 2020
This superb image grabs and hold my attention with your use of perfect light, texture and composition.
abayomimoses January 13, 2021
sinisaalmasi March 15, 2021
awesome photo!
alanmcmanus November 07, 2022
you found yourself a fantastic tree, and gave it a great view!
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Behind The Lens


This characteristic tree stands in an old graveyard in the city of Leiden, the Netherlands. It dates back to around 1813 when the cemetery was founded on the edges of the historic city of Leiden.


Once I found out it existed and so close to my home I went searching for this tree.I remember franticly riding my bike around the city looking for this tree. Then finally one monday morning I stubbled upon it and could nog believe my eyes....


It was a drab day thunderstorms were coming and going. I waited for a little bit of light and started shooting. I love how the light wraps around the trunk and gives it dimensions. Luckily it was a little overcast when I took this image. Autumn had just peaked so the fall color was already on the way out...


This was shot on a Nicon D7100, with my trusty Tokina 11-16, of course I used a tripod and a remote release to trigger the shutter and minimalist camera shake.


I saw another image from a different angle of this tree in my timeline over at instagram. Immediately was in love with the image and the tree and when I saw the location I could not believe that it was standing in my hometown. I asked for the precise location and went investigating. This image was taken on a reconnaissance trip to just find out where it was an how to shoot it. I will definitely go back there next autumn and will be hoping for some misty conditions... I think it wil look even beter then...


I usually shoot bracketed but for this image that was not necessary. I enhanced the fall color some and was primarily focussed on bringing out the structure of the impressive trunk. Because autumn was on its way out I also edited in some more branches and leaves in the spots that were a little empty.

In my camera bag

My favorite lense is the trusty, supersharp, built like a tank Tokina 11-16 it is my go-to lense for landscapes. I also love my Tamron 17-50 it is my workhorse and almost always on my camera. My camera is the Nikon D7100 a very good high resolution sensor packed in a relative small body with awesome features. I also always bring my Sigma 70-300 for those thight shots of details and far away subjects.


Scout the internet, check websites like viewbug, be inspired and after you have found a great location go back there under different conditions over and over again.

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