Out in the Fields

Out in the Fields

Out in the Fields
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AlanJakarta PRO+
AlanJakarta July 25, 2014
Wonderful shot. Congratulations on being Featured.
martijnvdnat July 25, 2014
Thank you very Much!
catini July 25, 2014
Great composition and DOF, congrats on your feature!
murpjo July 25, 2014
Beautiful!! Congrats!!
lorrainebrooks July 25, 2014
Beautiful! Congratulations!
iceman2 July 25, 2014
Beautiful capture.Congrats
Thimbee July 25, 2014
Beautiful light and capture. Congrats
vojce PRO+
vojce July 25, 2014
nice shot
nathanhanna July 25, 2014
chaurasia July 26, 2014
Superb contrast
louisloizidesmitsu July 26, 2014
HappyTree PRO+
HappyTree July 28, 2014
Congrats, well deserved!
Tim_Haynes August 15, 2014
Beautiful, congratulations!
CherylG August 15, 2014
walterjendrzejewski September 02, 2014
Simplicity is beautiful. Very nice.
Djorn September 03, 2014
Very nice!
onelife2write March 27, 2015
Beautiful capture! Awesome composition.
ori PRO
ori July 21, 2015
sws49er August 08, 2015
Thats an awesome shot!

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken out in a field near the small town of Benthuizen, the Netherlands. After a searching for the ‘right’ location another search started for the ‘right’ weather/conditions. Previsualizing an image with certain conditions really helps. In my case I set out to take a landscape photo of a ripe wheat field and the tracks in them with some small clouds nicely spread out over the clear blue sky. I set out to capture such a picture
These kind of images work best at the golden hours of the day, around sunrise or sunset. This specific location was chosen so that the lines in the field would lead somewhat in the direction of the setting sun. Because it is a familliar spot I know exactly how long it took me to get there and where to park the car. So I could be there easily an hour before sunset. I had visited this spot three times in one week just to get the right conditions. And a lot of other fields were already being harvested so I had to be quick.
I wanted to have the light just gently touch the tops of the wheat field so the sun should be as low as possible. I waited a little longer so the sun was already a little covered by the horizon in order for he sunstar-effect to be maximized.
I used my trusty old Nikon d90 fixed on a tripod, (manfrotto 290) with a Sigma 10-20 4-5,6 wide angle lens at 11 mm. To control the sky and get a more or less balanced exposure I also used a Hitech 0.9 Hard Grad ND filter. used aperture f22 to get a sunstar, shutter of 0,8 seconds at ISO 200. To maximize the sharpness I used mirror lockup mode. In this mode the camera waits a little while after the mirror has flipped away before exposing the sensor. In this way the vibrations of the flipping of the mirror have been canceled out and you get the best possible sharpness. Of course I used a remote release trigger to press the shutter button too.
Ever since a year ago when I was at the same location I wanted to try and shoot this location with your typical dutch clouds under a great not so typical Dutch sunset.
I used apple aperture for the raw processing and some minor adjustments to the vibrance and colors. Then made a roundtrip through Photoshop, fixing the lense errors, tweaking the light touching the wheat ever so gently. I used a mask based upon luminance to select the right tones so that the shadows of the tracks were not affected.
In my camera bag
I carry around everything that I have which is not that much... But I might need it at some point during a trip. Nikon D90 Nikkor 50 mm 1.8D Nikkor 18-200 VRII 3.5-5.6 Sigma 10-20 mm 4-5,6 DC HSM Manfrotto 290 Tripod with an Manfrotto 494RC2 Ballhead Hitech ProIRND 10 stopper Stealth Gear Circular Polariser Hitech ND hard & soft grad filters 0.3, 0.6 & 0.9 Nikon SB-700
Previsualize what kind of image what you want to have, search for the right location (using google earth or the stuck on earth app), visit the location a couple of times at different times of day, wait for the right weather and conditions and go again if the results were not satisfying. Keep at it, keep trying and learn from your actions. and last but not least; enjoy yourself and have fun! Martijn

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