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Mr. Pee Pee

Cocker spaniel pup with a name well-deserved, Rangsit, Thailand

Cocker spaniel pup with a name well-deserved, Rangsit, Thailand
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Daisy00 November 02, 2017
Hi there Mr. Pee Pee!!!!
larrywelch November 18, 2017
Dear Daisy: Mr. Pee Pee was quite friendly from the time he was a pup until adulthood, he'd be glad to know you said hello. Now he is in dog heaven with other good dogs! Thanks for commenting, this little guy had lots of personality. :)
Jinjii Platinum
Jinjii November 02, 2017
that face!
larrywelch November 13, 2017
Dear Ruth: Thanks for compliment, Mr. Pee Pee would like to know your opinion . He was born in 2008, but passed away in 2015. He had one daughter and was the adoration of all who knew him for being not only cute but well-mannered. I was lucky to know him! :)
AmandaJayne November 02, 2017
Awww stunning puppy ,
larrywelch November 04, 2017
Dear Amanda: Yes, Mr. Pee Pee was stunning and so much more--really one of man's best friends. He was smart, well-behaved and loved by everyone. He was born in 2008 and lived until 2015, left behind good memories and a daughter! You have a keen eye for sweetness! :) :)
Cookies4U November 02, 2017
too cute!
larrywelch November 15, 2017
Dear Cookie: Thanks for noticing Mr. Pee Pee. He was quite a popular friend in the human world and only lived 7 years leaving one daughter. The background in photo was a gift that I had given to my father, now it is with me in Thailand. You have a good heart and artistic eye! :)
lizziemellis Platinum
lizziemellis November 16, 2017
So cute:-)
larrywelch November 27, 2017
Dear Lizzie: Thanks for noticing Mr. Pee Pee. He was one of the best, such a gentle and loving pal. :)
beckyreding PRO
beckyreding November 27, 2017
larrywelch December 04, 2017
Dear Becky: That's a nice expression, "Automatic Smile Maker," Thanks for sharing it with me. Mr. Pee Pee was quite a little dog, smart, loving, and kind to everyone! :)
nathaliemedeiros Platinum
nathaliemedeiros January 13, 2019
Very nice picture of Mr Pee Pee.He is adorable!
Me too my American Cocker name was Mr.PiPi in French. He was same color but the ears was longer.He loved Cats.Birds.Dogs and everyone around him.We were very Lucky to have him for 11 Years with Us
Thank you very much to share this picture
of your Mr Pee Pee.
Best Regards. Nat :O) :O)
larrywelch April 17, 2019
Hello Nat: Thank you for your kind words about Mr. Pee Pee and relating the storry of your own Mr. PiPi. Dogs are so great in our lives, they make all the difference. My dog went to a Thai family, living a short, happy life in the countryside. He was highly loved by his adopted family and the entire neighborhood where he lived. He died at age 7, but had time for one girl friend, the couple left on female pup that carries the same gentle nature as the father. Nice of you to take the time to write. Your portfolio is wonderful, so lovely with color and excellent composition. I love nature and you capture that ongoing parade beautifully. All the best, Larry
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