Golden evening

Sunset over Manila Bay, Philippines

Sunset over Manila Bay, Philippines
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18 Comments | Report
Madi_patub June 04, 2016
Beautiful shot!
larrywelch August 21, 2017
Thanks Madi, it is the best image in my gallery! :)
mslyonsphotography June 11, 2016
Although I live in the hills I love the sea. This is a beautiful shot!
larrywelch August 08, 2016
Thanks for taking time to comment, I really appreciate your ideas, especially when they are good for me. Ha, ha!
catherinethompson PRO+
catherinethompson July 27, 2016
Just beautiful
larrywelch July 31, 2016
I think many photographers plan their shots, I don't have the mindset or patience. I always have at least a pocket camera and when something interesting crosses my path, I snap. That's what happened with this picture. Of the 95 photos I have posted to Viewbug it is by far the most popular! Thanks for your comment. I like!
chuckrickman August 02, 2016
Such a golden moment in time. A winner in my book. I truly love this capture.
larrywelch August 08, 2016
Until Viewbug, I under rated this image as it came so easily, I happened to be in right place at right time. Thanks for your comments, it gives me a better sense of understanding for value of images. :)
Workshopphotos August 11, 2016
Larry, you have a beautiful gallery, full of special people pictures, and uniquely composed nature and abstract photos. It is a joy to look at your gallery. Thanks for connecting. Olaf
ashishjain_5893 August 25, 2016
Wow. perfect shot!
larrywelch August 21, 2017
Dear Ashish: Thanks for such a positive comment, that is kind of you! :) :)
valeriemurchie-stolpe December 25, 2016
larrywelch December 27, 2016
Thanks, Valerie: This is my most popular image, sunsets and sunrises seem to be everyone's favorite. Happy New Year! :) :)
eelcovanroden PRO+
eelcovanroden March 12, 2017
Congrats on your Challenge Award!
larrywelch August 21, 2017
Dear Eel: Thanks for such a good comment. This is one of my favorite photographs, and the most popular in my gallery! :) :)
JDLifeshots March 12, 2017
Amazing capture! Congrats.
barbararybolt PRO+
barbararybolt March 12, 2017
Beautiful image. Congrats on the win!
larrywelch March 19, 2017
Dear Barbara: Taking this photograph in the Philippines was my lucky day. Of the 250 or so images that I have uploaded at ViewBug, it is by far the most popular. Thanks for commenting on one of my favorite travel memories! :)
MaryAnne306 PRO+
MaryAnne306 March 12, 2017
Stunning photo. Congratulations on your People's Choice award!
larrywelch August 21, 2017
Dear Mary Anne: Thanks for the good words. This is the most popular and best loved image in my gallery. Sorry to be a little late writing, life is a busy place....ha, ha!
Steve--photography-- March 12, 2017
Fantastic shot and colours.
larrywelch August 21, 2017
Dear Steve: Thanks for encouraging words. It was taken at the end of a great day in Manila and now it is, by far, the most popular image in my portfolio. Sorry to be late writing! :) :)
JBordons November 25, 2017
Beautiful capture of a majestic sunset.
eelcovanroden PRO+
eelcovanroden May 10, 2018
Again my congratulations!
estercastillo08 May 26, 2018
Congratulatuons !! on your win
Byronfairphotography PRO+
Byronfairphotography June 03, 2018
Beautiful color / Voted
David_Blakley_Photography Platinum
David_Blakley_Photography March 14, 2019
Larry, this is a superb capture and if there was a way for me to give you 2nd place in my photo challenge this would have been it. Thank you for being a part of it.
AM_Images October 16, 2019
Wow, what a view
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Behind The Lens

This photograph, Golden Evening, was taken at Manila Bay, Philippines. I was walking along the quay beside the bay while children and families played, teenagers and lovers held hands and many just looked out on the sunset.
It was evening, the end of a warmish day. Many ladies were still using their umbrellas to shade themselves from a sun that had been burning hot minutes earlier.
Evening shadows were quickly growing from what a short time earlier had been bright light from a bright tropical sun. It was the transition time from daylight to darkness and for a few minutes there was a time in between. I can't recall ever having seen such interesting muted lighting before, but it played very well for photography.
I used a simple "point and shoot" Canon PowerShot G5 with no flash or other special equipment.
I was enormously inspired by the view, it was one of the most beautiful natural scenes that I had ever seen. I wasn't alone in feeling the power of Mother Nature as many others along the quay were lost in their thoughts as they looked out on the golden scene.
No post-processing, what you see is what I was fortunate enough to get. I pursue a light touch on my photography, there might be cropping but seldom anything more than that. I try to capture scenes of nature and people that are natural showing everyday life as it is for better or worse.
In my camera bag
I usually travel with three cameras: a waterproof Fujifilm P80 for use in rain and while jogging; Canon PowerShot SX710; and a Canon EOS Rebel T5. The SX710 is a powerful camera with 30X zoom; and the Rebel T5 comes with a variety of lens but I stick with the an 18-55 mm (f/3.5-5.6). I travel extensively and don't like carrying extra weight, both the Fujifilm Fine Pix camera and Canon PowerShot have enough power for most of my simple needs and they fit nicely into my pocket.
It seems to me that every part of the world offers its own form of beauty during the Golden Hours of sunrise and sunset. From experience I know that these Golden Hours are best around water--oceans, rivers, ponds that give the gold a double exposure from sky as well as reflection from the water surface. Every year there are 730 opportunities for a morning and evening masterpiece provided that weather conditions are favorable. We can't control the weather but we can be alert for the cloud patterns and gold-yellow of a sunrise or sunset that will signal the possibility of something exciting about to happen. Cameramen and women know what happens next!

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