Vietnamese buffalo boys

Cat Cat village, near to Sapa, North Vietnam

Cat Cat village, near to Sapa, North Vietnam
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tttony August 09, 2016
Pulling the tail, wow!
larrywelch August 09, 2016
Thanks for your comment, Tony. I was trekking at the mountain resort of Sapa in North Vietnam and chanced upon these boys playing with the family water buffalo. It was an amazing scene playing out before my eyes (and camera). Yes, a brave boy playing with tail! :)
AmandaJayne August 09, 2016
There Brave , especially the boy pulling the tail :)
larrywelch August 21, 2016
Dear Amanda: If it was an American cow or cattle on the range I would think bravery, but in Southeast Asia water buffalo are real backyard pets, the little boy and buffalo have probably been inseparable since his birth....ha, ha! That said, I was riding one about six weeks ago and fell off! Haha!
chuckrickman August 10, 2016
Love this. Reminds me of my youth when we would do this to my pet cow. She never flinched. Fabulous capture Larry.
larrywelch August 27, 2016
Dear Chuck: Thanks for this comment, I am also a cow lover from life at my grandparent's farm in Michigan. Now when I see one there is always that good memory. :)
billyoungblood Platinum
billyoungblood August 13, 2016
Larry, great photo! I am in hopes that the young boy in back doesn't get kicked!
larrywelch August 13, 2016
Dear Billy, thanks for note. The water buffalo in Southeast Asia is a real backyard pet, the kids play around them from when they are small, I never hear of any mishaps or stray kicks; however, in May I was riding one and took a tumble! No hard done! :)
lizziemellis Platinum
lizziemellis August 24, 2016
Lol! What a wonderful capture..brave little boy pulling that tail, I should think a kick from this buffalo would break a few bones:-)
larrywelch August 27, 2016
Dear Liz: We live in a strange world. The African water buffalo is a vicious animal and never been domesticated, but the Asian water buffalo is quiet and gentle. That little boy probably grew up playing with the family buffalo and the two are probably best friends. But you are correct, a swift kick could do some damage, especially to a little boy. :) :)
edandaniphone PRO+
edandaniphone September 11, 2016
Classic. Awesome capture.
larrywelch September 14, 2016
Thanks Ed. I am guilty of falling in love with my own work, especially this photo of the buffalo boys
CURUTCHET September 27, 2016
great picture , the littl one have something to play with better than plastic toys
larrywelch October 27, 2016
Ha, ha...great contrast between plastic toys and the family buffalo. Thanks!
jetnee123 October 14, 2016
It may look funny but that shows bond and love between animal and human.
See how they care for each other.. nicely captured and thanks for bringing this us.. :)
Moorthy April 10, 2017
Hi Larry, This is super photograph. In India also buffalos are soft natured. That too the buffelos that are domesticated in a house they will not do any harm to anybody. But in this photograph even when a little boy twists the tail the buffalo does not care. I like this picture very much. With regards, Moorthy.
larrywelch April 16, 2017
Dear Moorthy: Thanks for comment. This was a lucky shot. I was trekking in mountains of North Vietnam and just chanced upon the scene. I live in Thailand and water buffalo are the same as India and Vietnam, they are very gentle animals. Thanks for taking time to comment, always nice to hear from you! :) :)
CURUTCHET July 11, 2017
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
CURUTCHET July 11, 2017
animal love us as we do also , it is a universal bond , we took care of wild babies animals lost and they became pets
AngelLappmarkSe PRO
AngelLappmarkSe November 15, 2017
Children with their beloved pet. A big dig isn't it. But he is their friend. No fear or anger. Just love. Surprised. Thank you for sharing this moment with us and participating in y challenge. Greetz from Angel Lappmark Sweden.
MaryMarie October 31, 2019
What an Amazing capture... all the children are braver than I would be.
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