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Behind The Lens

I have taken this picture approx. 20 kilometers from where I live. It is a very beautiful and protected area where there have been many glaciers from the Ice Age (moraine landscape). It has shaped the landscape to such an extent that there are hills and curves everywhere. And there is a very rich wildlife out there in the country. I love being here. I never meet many people here. But there is a popular cycle path (34-36 kilometers) from the city Vejle to Bindeballe Merchant's farm, and on to Billund.
I have taken the picture in the morning.
I took advantage of the powerful morning sun from the right.
Canon 6D with Tamron SP 24-70mm f/2.8
I am also a portrait photographer and my brand is to photograph people in nature or at locations. So I'm always looking for new Places or new seasons. It gives rich variety to my photographs. And then I love being in nature! It's the best place I can be. It gives peace in mind and renewed strength.
I always give my photos a little extra color to emphasize the magic.
In my camera bag
Canon 6D and different Tamron lenses and my belowed reflector screen.
Always remember your camera. I often look at the weather forecast. (It's my best friend. lol.) Hurry up, if you see that the light in the sky is magical.

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