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ginnyosbornetracy PRO
ginnyosbornetracy November 02, 2017
Very nice composition & creativity!
samhumphreys November 16, 2017
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samhumphreys November 16, 2017
What a lovely compliment, thank you!
cahit December 11, 2017
very nice:)
marysherry_9394 March 24, 2018
Just beautiful

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on Venice Island in Venice Florida. I live just a few blocks away.
I usually take a walk to the beach just before the sun sets. Partly to be witness to the spectacular sunset "show" but also for the sense of peace that it always brings. It's a wonderful way to end every day. Every sunset is unique.
Nature provided it's own amazing lighting. It's hard to take a bad photo of a sunset. Especially at the beach
The only camera I own is the one on my phone. I just do the best I can with the equipment I have.
When my mother passed away, we sprinkled her ashes in the ocean not far from this spot, as was her request. When I visit this favorite sunset watching spot, I often draw a little heart in the sand for her down by the water and wait for the tide to pick it up and deliver it to her. I know that is rather silly but at the same time, it helps me to still feel connected to someone I loved and lost. On this particular day, while I was waiting for the tide to "collect" my love note to my mother, for some reason, I suddenly realized how beautiful the scene was from a 3rd person removed perspective which is why I photographed it.
I cropped the photo a tiny bit to focus on the specific sight line upon which I was focused.
In my camera bag
Since I am using just a cellphone as a camera, my "bag" is my back pocket. The only thing ever in it, is my cellphone ;)
I am learning that early morning and late afternoon to evening light is the absolute best for taking photographs. I am very patient and wait for the right moment before snapping. But I also have no problem deleting a picture that does not measure up. I may take ten photographs before choosing the one that is the best. Or I might discard them all. I don't over think my subject matter either, if it speaks to me, I take the photograph.

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