Vietnamese H'mong girl

Sin Chai village, near Sapa, Northwest Vietnam

Sin Chai village, near Sapa, Northwest Vietnam
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Jinjii Platinum
Jinjii October 25, 2017
sooo cute Larry!
larrywelch November 14, 2017
Dear Ruth: This cute little girl came from a mountainous region of North Vietnam populated by Hmong people, a hill tribe that prefers a quiet life in a traditional manner. They were fierce fighters for Americans in Vietnam War, but now live peaceable raising livestock, growing rice in terraced rice paddies, and taking care of their cute kids. It is a great trekking area, but with some steep climbs. Thanks for noticing this cutie pie! :)
CURUTCHET November 03, 2017
is it a snake she got in her hand?
larrywelch November 08, 2017
Dear Jean Luc: You are one in a million. I never noticed what she was holding and no one ever asked. You have eagle eyes! :) :) Thanks for commenting. Hope life is good in the Jean Luc World! :) :)
lizziemellis Platinum
lizziemellis November 16, 2017
Great image :-)
larrywelch November 28, 2017
Dear Lizzie: Thanks for noticing this little girl. She has the face of poverty, lives in the mountains of North Vietnam. She and her family belong to the Hmong hilltribe people, they love living in the highlands for cool weather and isolation from modern society. I found her and her family while trekking through the area. :) :)
Skyelight December 18, 2017
Your images are wonderful, they bring forth more with your story behind each photo.
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