fabioazevedo December 12, 2017
pacificrain December 13, 2017
Thank you very much!
garygustafson Feb 01
Nice composition and exposure! Well done!
Elyzabeth Feb 02
I could live there. Beautiful, lush colors.Wonderful shot.
johnvecchio Feb 02
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
melvinlegge Feb 02
Great shot. Like something from a fairy tale.
thunderlake Feb 07
PamStevens Feb 08
Christopher, I just read your bio and it’s not only inspiring me but pointing me in the direction I need. You have an incredible ‘eye’ to see what you want everyone else to see! Thanks. Pam
Absolutely magnificent shot my friend. I too love shooting these types of scenes and if I am ever in that area I would love to capture it. Thanks for sharing your vision and talent.
Alwolfe Jul 21
Absolutely stunning!

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Oct, 2017

Dusk at the Mill

This is possibly one of my most favorite places to shoot. I have been there a few times and had the chance to go back last night. It was a rainy and cloudy day and about 15 minutes before sunset. I wasn't sure what I would get. Some of the trees in the area had already started dropping their leaves, so I was hoping that wasn't the case at this spot. The surrounding trees and rain clouds made for a pretty dark scene, but I was able to use my tri-pod and a longer exposure to capture this shot. This is the Old Grist Mill in Woodland, WA. To this day, it is a working mill, though it looks like something from days gone by. It is about 8 miles off the freeway, yet appears to be in the middle of the mountains, somewhere undisturbed. I could spend all day in this area, especially this time of year. Autumn is my favorite season and the vibrant colors is one of the reasons why. Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy the shot.
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Won Contest Finalist in The Brown Color Photo ContestFebruary, 2018
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