kelleyfrench August 24, 2017
jpalethorpe August 24, 2017
Thank you!
BruCon August 24, 2017
Eve hiding from God ...
jpalethorpe August 25, 2017
Haha like it!
benthic_photos August 24, 2017
My favorite shot of the day so far. Outstanding!
jpalethorpe August 25, 2017
Thanks so much!!
galibemon August 24, 2017
Beautiful Framing & Portrait !!
jpalethorpe August 25, 2017
Much appreciated!
prasadshikhare13 August 25, 2017
jpalethorpe August 31, 2017
TinyTynan August 25, 2017
jpalethorpe August 31, 2017
Many thanks!
jessicagiovando August 26, 2017
jpalethorpe August 31, 2017
Thank you
filippey August 29, 2017
jpalethorpe August 31, 2017
Cheers dude
ChristyRStanford September 15, 2017
This is awesome. I love the creativity and even though I have no idea what the model looks like, her eyes are beautiful with the blond hair and green leaves..I normally don't like images that are real "soft" but this works great. Fantastic shot.
jpalethorpe October 03, 2017
Thank you so much!
ArulJothiPriya September 22, 2017
Awesome creativity
jpalethorpe Jan 07
Thanks you!!
Pidge815 September 27, 2017
So many different perspectives....wonderful shot!
jpalethorpe Jan 07
Thank you, glad you like it! :)
Sashikanta October 04, 2017
Nice one.
jpalethorpe Jan 07
cheers dude!
MaryAnne306 October 15, 2017
Beautiful and very creative!
jpalethorpe Jan 07
Thanks a bunch, I appreciate it!
korinna Feb 21
Voted on creative composition
jpalethorpe Feb 24
Thank you so much Korinna!
danielmartin Mar 28
Love it! ?
Ohh those gorgeous blue eyes around gush of greens.
Nanasbail Mar 30
Love the eyes
Nice capture
BrunoHeeb May 14
loooooove your style,absolutely amazing shot

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Aug, 2017

We all see things differently

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Won Contest Finalist in Within A Frame Photo ContestMarch, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Creative Compositions Photo Contest Vol5February, 2018
Won Peer Choice AwardNovember, 2017
Won Contest Finalist in Image Of The Month Photo Contest Vol 25October, 2017
Won Contest Finalist in The Human Eye Photo ContestSeptember, 2017
Won Staff FavoriteAugust, 2017


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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in an orangery at Belton House, located just outside of Grantham.
It was taken mid-day, around 2pm. It didn't feel like it as the weather was awful.
The lighting wasn't great but I got lucky with a glimpse of sunlight through the clouds. It gleamed through the glass and the trees above me which created a lovely warm tone.
I used my canon 5Dmk4 and a canon 16-35 f/2.8.
My girlfriend (who is in the photo) has the most beautiful eyes and I wanted to emphasise her eyes in a bit of a different way than just a straight on portrait. We both love exploring and adventures so the photo combines both of my loves in life.
Yes I did, in Lightroom I added a little bit of contrast and brightened the highlights. I slightly increased the vibrancy and that was it really.
In my camera bag
I always have my 5Dmk4, my canon 50mm 1.4, canon 16-35mm f/2.8 and my sigma 70-200 f/2.8. I always take a tripod with me. That's the main stuff, I always have spare batteries, memory cards, maybe a flashgun and ND filters.
I think the best bit of advice I can give is to use what's around you to your advantage. If you can frame a photo using something that's a bit different or unique then try it out. If it doesn't work out how you thought it would then you can try something different. The more photos you take the better eye you will have for looking at everyday objects and thinking of a way you can use them to your benefit. I hope that helps! Happy shooting!

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