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The aroma of a good coffee impregnated of your Sunday evenings.

I invited a couple of friends for a "Hello Mondays" style photoshoot, and we were just playing round with the camera....
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I invited a couple of friends for a "Hello Mondays" style photoshoot, and we were just playing round with the camera.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in my own room. I invited a couple of friends fo a coffee and we started playing with the camera. Finally, Kathia decided to get a little more into it and we made a little set up for the picture. That means that I cleaned and organized the room for the pics and well, we added some atrezzo :))
We had a coffee and a little chat, so I believe we started taking pictures around 6pm (having in consideration that was winter time) that means that sun was pretty low at this time, but with enough intensity to fill the room with light.
This image was shot with several lights. In the first place I hace the sunlight coming from the window behind of me, but I also decided to turn all the lights on in the room, so that it has a nocturne atmosphere. I also had the courtains diffusing the sunlight. I have had to set a high ISO, so I get the right exposure. And after the session came to and end I downloaded the archive to my computer and made some treatment in Photoshop, to make her skin a little more bright.
My camera is a Nikon D800, and the lens was a Nikkor 35mm 1.4. I had the camera set on a tripod, because there was no much light in the room and I had to set to a slow shutter.
I love Boudoir style, and ia had some of this pictures in my portfolio. I showed this images to Kathia (the model), and she loved it. So she decided she wanted to model for me. She has a nice and stylized body, and her legs are long and beautiful, so we decided that should be the center of interest of the image.
Yes, I usually do some post work on my images. It was just some color and exposure correction... not much, but enough to bring the image to life.
In my camera bag
A Nikon D800 and some lenses: 35mm 1.4 14-24mm 2.8 70-200mm 2.8 and I usually have some speedlight on my bag. I include a ND 2-400 filter for the 35mm with is great to use outdoors, specially whenever I want to have shallow depth of field.
This is as easy as it gets. Just get a model that you like, observe the figure and focus on the part that you love the most. The lighting and the color are very important, you have to learn as much as you can to understand those. They are your main tool to improve your pictures. Learning some post-processing won't harm you either.

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