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wesbagwell July 06, 2018
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Smi77y July 09, 2018
Whoo hoo!!
wesbagwell July 06, 2018
I love the light reflecting on the snow capped mountain!
Smi77y July 09, 2018
Thank you! That's my favorite part of this as well.
bobbiehouse July 09, 2018
Very unique
Smi77y July 09, 2018
Appreciate that! Means a lot. Thank you :-)
HauntedArtistry August 17, 2018
Dez77 August 17, 2018
This is stunning! Getting a Close Encounters of the Third Kind vibe here - alien spaceships zooming along the roads!
Smi77y August 20, 2018
I like that :-) Thank you very much!
chrisbelesis August 18, 2018
Beautifult capture and sharp image!! Nice job!
Smi77y August 20, 2018
Thank you so much!
timhall Feb 22
Love this shot, such vibrancy and peace at the same time, really well done!
Missylu Apr 12
so intense

Starry Starry Night" rel="nofollow">

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I urge you to listen to Don Mclean's Starry Starry Night while viewing this photo. Enjoy!
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