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Jun, 2017

M8 & M20 (the Lagoon and Triffid Nebula) over Grey wolf Mountain

At the end of the other night I decide to try shooting something at 600mm and figured the lagoon and triffid nebula would be a good option as things were dropping in elevation. Didn't have much time to get integration and most of the shots had some star movement either from poor alignment or camera shake so I settled on a single frame which was slightly under exposed. As I shot it the nebula passed right over these mountains though not quite this low. I figured it could be a fun blend so I shot the foreground afterward as twilight began. Though it was boring at 600mm so I just zoomed out to 150 making it more of a composite than a reality but I still think it's fun. EXIF: sky 60mm f7.1 142 seconds 1600 ISO. foreground 57 seconds f6.3 100 ISO 150mm. Canon 5drs, sigma 150-600c.


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