The Brink of Lower Falls of the Yellowstone

It's a long way down.

It's a long way down.
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YepThatSarah PRO
YepThatSarah February 09, 2018
Beautiful shot!
forum8fox February 11, 2018
Thank you!
fmalquist PRO
fmalquist February 09, 2018
forum8fox February 11, 2018
Ewn_mck February 10, 2018
NAWALGRAPHY February 11, 2018
kyledugger February 16, 2018
Great shot of the falls!
mattiasam February 08, 2019
beautiful colors

Behind The Lens

This image was taken at the brink of lower Yellowstone falls. Admitedly I was surrounded by a bunch of other tourists and I had to wait my turn to get a shot from this vantage. There was some trash (bottles) on the ground that I had to clone out because it was out of reach on the other side of the fence.
This was taken during the late afternoon. I really try to avoid shooting during mid day and to me this was out of the time frame I usually like to shoot. However the angle of the sun nicely lit the water at the lip.
The angle of the sun really brought out the color of the water at the lip.
Canon 5dsr, don't remember which lens but I th I k it was the canon 24-70 or rokinon 14mm. Hand held.
Desperation to have a quality shot from Yellowstone is what drove me to make this photo. I honestly felt like I mostly shot junk my whole trip because of mid day light and trying to see and photograph as much as possible while touring around with family. I can't believe out of all my photographs that this one became so popular compared to images I spend all night shooting and a whole day processing. Just seems so basic in comparison.
I edited this in LR 6 and used NIK filters (vivesa and color fx pro) in Photoshop.
In my camera bag
Canon 5dsr, canon 6d, canon 24-70 2.8 ii, rokinon 14mm 2.8, rokinon 35mm 1.4, sigma 150-600 contemporary, fornax lightrack ii tracking mount, 2 canon 580ex flashes, wireless programmable remote shutter release, 2 tripods, 4 tripod heads including a pano head.
Sometimes you just have to try even if it seems like a waste of time, after all you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. If nothing else the image can provide as a memory or a blueprint for the shot you really want. Or maybe everyone else will love it even if you feel impartial to it.

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