Model: Leona Kinsella

Everything else: Eithne Ni Anluain (c) All Rights Reserved ...
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Model: Leona Kinsella

Everything else: Eithne Ni Anluain (c) All Rights Reserved
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piczmypic September 14, 2017
BarryMiles April 08, 2020
Truly beautiful image
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Behind The Lens

Photo was taken behind forestry logs! The day was so bright, one of those rare Irish summer days where he sky is so clear and sun so bright it saturates everything in white glare. I really wanted a shot of Leona and the ends of the logs, alas the light just wasn't cooperating. Of course they were in bright sun! So we hid behind them in the shadow cast. I'm up on a stump shooting down which was tricky with my 2.8, 70-200mm!
Around 11am, using the log stacks as sun cover, oh the glamour!
Yeah, don't shoot in the few days of Irish summer, it's very harsh light, very tricky to handle. Even in the shade we were getting the sun glare off the dress.
A very old lady Canon 5DM2, and a equally old Canon 2.8, 70-200mm. No filters, lights or reflectors.
Well! I collect vintage, I shoot my girls solely in it. When one of my sellers listed this dress I was on the hunt for a model. Leona is small enough for it. It is a genuine Victorian wedding dress, yes she's seen better days, but that's the whole point of shooting the old dresses or "wounded birds" it gives them a last hurrah! It's a double layer confection, where you take off the overskirt. They would have been corseted in the day as its a 22" waist! So I'd a long wait to find a model who could wear her. The vintage is my inspiration, it'll tell me what it likes and doesn't!
Yes, this is a 6 pic comp. Hair, dress, hands all tweaked and a good bit of tonal work due to the one sunny day of the summer causing havoc with a cream dress!
In my camera bag
My old lady, Canon 5DM2 and her 2.8, 70-200mm. Then I've got: * Gold leaf * Spare wig(s) * rhinestones and glue * Backup dress * Citronella for the midges * Water * Makeup * Reflector
Don't shoot in bright Irish sun, it's not forgiving! As tge Irish sun in rare, when it comes out it goes crazy! Try and find shade, the light will still be very bright but at least you'll not have the harshness. If you've a buddy use the reflector as a flag to block the sun (it was just the two of us on this shoot!) That'll at least give you portraits to use. I've very little from the shoot thanks to the glare. But we managed as I teetered on the stump to get distance for the focus.

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