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Life in Uganda

I backpacked across Uganda, from the Tanzanian shores of Lake Victoria to the Zaire (now the Congo again) border. Most of the trek was on the backroads since we...
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I backpacked across Uganda, from the Tanzanian shores of Lake Victoria to the Zaire (now the Congo again) border. Most of the trek was on the backroads since we were re-tracing the steps of Henry Morton Stanley in his search for the source of the Nile River. We lived off the countryside, buying food from the villagers if they had any to spare, picking bananas (I ate a LOT of bananas since that was often all there was). We slept in tents in fields. When ten colorful dome tents popped up in a field when we hadn't seen anybody all day long as we walked, locals came out of nowhere to stand and stare at this amazing scene. Many had never seen a mzungu (white person) before. But most of the time the people were friendly, generous, and curious.

Life in much of Uganda is not easy for the people. It's a hand to mouth existence. We had more money value in our backpacks than these people would ever see in their lifetime. It would be a real good thing for every teenager in the First World countries to spend a year or two living in a country such as this. I think they'd appreciate what they have then.

This is a scan from a film print. Oh, for a digital camera on that trip!

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Kazza60 May 13, 2017
a great story here !!
lizziemellis PRO+
lizziemellis May 14, 2017
I love this, you have really captured the essence of living a simple yet hard existence well done:-)
trainwoman PRO+
trainwoman May 15, 2017
Wonderful capture of the reality of their lives
GigiJim08 PRO+
GigiJim08 May 26, 2017
This one tell the story!
estercastillo08 July 10, 2017
Nice Story, voted Remote Places
mihrt PRO+
mihrt July 24, 2017
Excellent scan Kay ! and a beautiful moment shared with this family. My you have really 'travelled/roughed it ". These are some of the shots you will remember best - from your Journeys. Yes, wouldn't Digital been great back then!! I love the colour hue of this, warm and gentle.

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