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Alwolfe September 11, 2017
What an absolutely incredible photo!
brittabia September 11, 2017
Stunning shot! Congrats!!
p_eileenbaltz September 11, 2017
Extraordinary work!!!
atulspecial September 12, 2017
Witmar September 22, 2017
wonderful picture
sinasopamelamxakaza September 22, 2017
davidparkhurst September 23, 2017
So very good
Matin-NA September 23, 2017
Amazing Shot! it's just like visual effects shot in movies !
stuartdeacon September 23, 2017
This is a great shot. I love that you left just the right amount of sky at the top without being intrusive. Thumbs up!
mikekilburn September 23, 2017
Brilliant photo....
Engkima September 29, 2017
ElynG September 29, 2017
Amazing angle
smshaffer December 14, 2017
Awesome composition
ronniesharples December 19, 2017
Stunning picture!
juliantej December 20, 2017
i love how it shows the silhouette cause the person is so small, and the surroundings is beautiful
Rayormy December 22, 2017
That is interesting, if you look at it just right, it looks like the light is breaking through water that is suspended above the person upside down.
kellumbear December 25, 2017
Absolute great shot! Congrats on your win!
KayceeRice December 28, 2017
I love this . It appeals to my nature .
TheLittlePhotographer January 10, 2018
SamuelJBogle January 20, 2018
Cruiser48 January 24, 2018
Outstanding capture
RamyDelariarte May 23, 2018
keepclicking October 30, 2018
Fantastic photograph. The light and capture is amazing.

Jomblang Cave

Java, Indonesia
Java, Indonesia
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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in Indonesia in Jombang cave. Jomblang located in karst hills, passing through the central part of the island of Java in the West Java Province and is part of the cave system Gunung Kidul (Gunung Kidul in the translation from Java - the southern mountains). Underground river and rain water for more than a thousand years have formed a unique cave. As a result, the cave was named - Luweng Jomblang (Luweng translated from Javanese - well).
Only a few hours during the day there is the opportunity to observe the beautiful lighting in the cave.
I spent several hours in the cave before I could take this picture. This day was cloudy, so the sun was constantly hidden behind the clouds
This was shot on a Canon 5d Mark III with Carl Zeiss 21mm/2,8 + tripod
About the cave Jombang I heard many times, but only 5 times in Indonesia I was able to get to this place. This cave has an amazing atmosphere. All the details for this picture I thought about in advance
There is almost no post processing on this photo. I framed the picture and dulled the saturation and color a bit.
In my camera bag
I always try to take with myself a set of lenses: Canon 15mm/2,8, Carl Zeiss 21mm/2,8, Canon 85mm/1,2, Canon 70-200/2,8 and a spare camera. Such a compilation allows to cover almost all genres.
Try to carefully plan each of your journey. Choose the right time of the year, so that you can catch the best light and conditions for photography. Learn to wait for the right moment.

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