ahmedfouadibraheem November 04, 2017
Excellent Shot.
marcbaechtold May 14
nice work! Some nice colors and good contrast, keep shooting!

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Mar, 2017

Country Road

One of the rare moments when the sky was clear for a few minutes during a recent trip

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in Little Haven in Pembrokeshire, it was the only cloud free night of my weeks stay there. There are only a few houses on this lane
It was taken at 2215h.
It was a dark night, and although I'm not entirely sure, I believe that the light behind the tree is coming from the distant South Hook LNG Terminal near MIlford Haven. There is nothing else in the way that could create that amount of light.
It was a 10 second exposure, so I used a sturdy tripod with a Sony A7 mkII and a Zeiss Batis 18mm
The clear dark night with the leading line formed by the lane and the embankment with the tree settled in centre
This is one image so I pulled out the shadows in post to emphasis the structure of the lane and embankment.
In my camera bag
What's in my bag varies on what I plan on doing. For night time shoots my favourite lens to have with me is the Zeiss Batis 18mm f/2.8, although I will also have a 16-35 f/4 too. I also tend to carry two bodies and a second tripod, as when one is set up to take a a series of images, I have another with me to try something else.
As always, patience, timing and planning. I had the shot in mind, but it wouldn't been possible without the calm weather and cloudless sky.

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