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Lunar 1

I am going to upload a series of Lunar images, I hope you like them!

I am going to upload a series of Lunar images, I hope you like them!
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Chris_Russell PRO+
Chris_Russell April 17, 2017
Cool Lunar photos, do you have any Exif Data to share on them? Thanks :-)
johnk83776 PRO+
johnk83776 April 24, 2017
These are the best I have ever seen on VB. Can you provide some info on equipment, settings, etc?
junglejen April 24, 2017
These are incredible shots! I'm kind of jealous as I don't have a single moon shot that I like!
johnboywalton196 Premium
johnboywalton196 May 12, 2017
Hi. I use a Konus 8" reflector together with a Philips PNC900NC webcam. I then use Registax to stack and process the image.

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