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my friends wanted a local landmark in their pics

my friends wanted a local landmark in their pics
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nigal December 22, 2019
I love this picture.
LiamdeDood December 22, 2019
When I get married THIS is exactly what car I want and the same way, what an amazing picture keep
It up, that is such an example????
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Behind The Lens

A couple of my friends were getting married and invited me to the wedding but asked if i would take pictures in my street style on the day reccomended driving down to the transporter bridge which is in our hometown of Middlesbrough. i took a few shots of different angles and even had them stand at a near by bus stop for a candid photo.
it was mid-day just after the ceremony
so i had no control over the lighting so had to work with whatever the weather and sun had to offer, shame there were no clouds, maybe i could have added some after but think the main subject is the van and the couple.
i used my canon 70d and outside no flash was required and hand held the camera.
I love these Volkeswagen Campers and although as a rule i dont do weddings it was a no pressure favor that would give me soome practice. i knew the bridge was a good location as well as having a clear carpark too.
i converted the photo into BW on photoshop essentials and adjusted the contrast and tones
In my camera bag
my bag usually has my 70d and 80d, flash if needed, 55-250, 24mm, 18-55mm or 10-18mm lenses and all the cleaning clothes and filter i can fit. depending on what im doing i have a few different size tripods and a monopod all manfrotto and always take a drink with me and snacks.
I always try no to be influenced and keep away from thinking about how to please poeple, i take the pics i feel are pleasing then find people either love them or dont get them but they stay out of the average grey area. Take th epic you feel then diffent angles and versions of that idea and you find one of them stands out when you get home.

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