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andrevondeling February 19, 2017
Thank you all for your support and recognition!
JDLifeshots February 19, 2017
Beautiful! Congrats.
MikeBoyle February 19, 2017
Congratulations on your winning photo. Superior work!!!

The King! Serengeti

And yes this is a wild Lion... for more information on my portfolio and activities

And yes this is a wild Lion... for more information on my portfolio and activities
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Behind The Lens

Kopjes area in the Serengeti. We where out of the beaten path looking for a pride and not too many tourists around. This was one of 2 pride males who joined the pride (3 females and 2 cubs) while we where there..
Must have been in the afternoon around 16:00. We spent more than 3 hours with the Lions so I am not sure exactly what time I took this image.
Given the extra glow on the Lions face I am assuming start of the golden hour. As mentioned I spent a long time with this pride so I am not sure what time. I was actually focussing more on the Lionesses as to me they are the nucleus of Lion life and hardly photographed the males.
Nikon D-200 with a Sigma 2.8 EX 170-300 zoom. On a rice bad go of my own making. The image was taken out of a land cruiser with a removed door. So relatively low.
The pride itself, capturing the life of a Lion and when these big males in their prime joined I just wanted to capture that confidence..
No, I only use the automatic functions in photoshop.
In my camera bag
2 Nikon bodies, these days D-500s. When I am out on a far away trip a series of zoom lenses Nikon D-200-500. Sigma EX 2.8 smaller zooms, wide angle and macro lens. I also usually have a 1.4 converter with me. Of course tripod, rice bags, laptop and 1 terabyte hard drive and cleaning equipment.
Take your time. Especially with Lions. As these guys sleep about 20 hours a day and in some areas of the Serengeti food is abundant they can be tedious to watch if you are out for that one special shot...and that is tough as there are so many good Lion shots out there!

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