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Foggy island

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I know this house relatively good, it was built somewhere in the middle of nowhere between Prez-vers-Noréaz and Noréaz, canton of Fribourg, Switzerland. There...
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I know this house relatively good, it was built somewhere in the middle of nowhere between Prez-vers-Noréaz and Noréaz, canton of Fribourg, Switzerland. There are just some fields around, but thats it. But some days ago, i was able to capture this house in a completely different way than i usually see it: Surrounded by an ocean of fog, being the only visible thing around...
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Pamelabole PRO
Pamelabole March 02, 2018
Wonderful capture.....such a beautiful but yet eerie and calm feeling given to the viewer. Congrats on your challenge win!! : )
JayneBug Ultimate
JayneBug March 02, 2018
Wonderful image and capture. Definitely tells a story and gives you an otherworldly mystical moment.
JDLifeshots March 03, 2018
Beautiful capture! Fog changes everything. Congrats.
dewaynerawlings PRO+
dewaynerawlings January 27, 2023
craftworker PRO+
craftworker September 09, 2023
Wow I love this capture
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Behind The Lens


I took this photo not far from home, just "behind the hill". There's a small lake - the remains of a much bigger lake which is gone for, well.. maybe some centuries - and the area can create a nice fog layer, but it was really amazing that evening, i've never saw something similiar.


It was... Some minutes before sunset. The sun was almost down and reached just the last, hightest tops of the fog layer. I wanted to shoot at the small lake, so there was no need for me to be there earlier. But... Well, i had to change my plans after seeing that.


Well, the sun was directly in front of me and almost gone. It was a little bit challenging to prevent too bright, blown out areas with too much light. But it wasn't too hard, due to my high(er) point of view. Just some meters lower and the sun would've been too near to the subject. I did the same thing with a village nearby, but there i had to wait until the sun was almost completely gone to prevent blown out areas without leaving the sun out of the frame.


I used my 5D Mk III and my new 100-400mm. I went out for the first time with this white, big monster. And i thought, photographing some birds on the lake could be nice during sunset. Thats why i took it with me.


The moment itself. I wasn't expecting something like that at all. But i remembered that i saw some similiar photos long time ago in a book. I was a little child back then, but i loved this kind of photograph.. The feeling from these long lenses. I didn't knew anything about the technique behind the shots back then, but they stayed in my mind, somewhere in the back... Until they came back that evening, when the ground fog was in front of me, and the only visible thing was that... "Island" in the middle of a sea of fog.


Post processing? Not really. I just changed the aspect ratio. I increased the contrast a little bit, just to bring a little bit more contrast into the tops of the fog layer (where it looks kinda fluffy, like white clouds on a darker background).

In my camera bag

My Canon EOS 5D Mk III with the EF 24-105mm f/4.0 L is always in my bag. Because i never know what i encounter. There's always a chance to see something really nice, that needs maybe 100mm and wouldn't work with something smaller. Then, i carry almost always the EF 16 - 35mm f/2.8 L II with me, because i normally try to make some wide angle shots. Then i carry some smaller things around, for example some filters (Haida 100mm Filter System, 1.8 ND & 3.0 ND, Polarizer) and a remote trigger for taking longer exposures with filters. And if i have some special images in my mind, i'm carrying more specialized lenses with me. A 24mm f/1.4 when i shoot during the night, a 100-400mm when i want to capture something that's far away, etc.


I guess the best way to capture such a strange perspective, is to photoghraph from a higher point of view with a long lens, to compress the depth as much as possible. If the lens gets you near enough, it is possible to remove many distracting objects and creating a strange effect, where you can't tell if the ground is just flat or something completely different. Just like a wall, somewhere far away.

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