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Payton, an 11-year-old girl, sitting on weathered iron stairs in the cool and damp ambiance of fall. Despite the gloomy weather, her vibrant red sweater adds a ...
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Payton, an 11-year-old girl, sitting on weathered iron stairs in the cool and damp ambiance of fall. Despite the gloomy weather, her vibrant red sweater adds a splash of color to the scene, contrasting beautifully with her torn jeans. A black toque rests atop her golden hair, embracing her youthful spirit. Payton's captivating gaze meets the camera with an air of confidence and attitude, showcasing her unique personality and allure.
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edandaniphone PRO+
edandaniphone Jan 15
Very cool capture. Congrats on the Runner Up!
Wiilll019 Jan 26
nice pics
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on the emergency exit stairs attached to the back of an old Service Canada building located in Beaverton Ontario
It would have been just a little after noon, I was battling the weather as it had been drizzling on and off all morning. This was our second location of the day and it was so cold and damp. I had rolled a my sweater up for Payton to sit on so she wouldn't soak the backside her jeans, if you look closely you may spot it.
There were breaks in the cloud coverage every so often and I got lucky with a few rays of sunshine shinning through. It gave Payton's skin and hair a nice golden glow amongst the gloom of that day. I wanted to make sure she really popped against the dark background of the staircase.
This was shot using my Canon EOS Rebel SL3, no other accessories.
I just recently decided to take the plunge into the business side of photography. So I am working on my portfolio and using my daughter as one of my models. I'm starting out small and simple and wanted to test my skills.
Using the masking tool, I increased the exposure and slightly increased the colour saturation and tint on Payton, creating that warm glow. I decreased the backgrounds exposure, while also decreasing the sharpness and clarity.
In my camera bag
I literally have nothing in my bag except a spare memory card, lens wipes and cleaner
Don't be afraid to try different angles, different lighting, try everything until you find the style that fits.

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